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ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR. + Scientists Discover Ghost Particles + Our Sun is Electric (Engl.)

ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR. + Scientists Discover Ghost Particles + Our Sun is Electric (Engl.)




Lawsuits, Anthony Fauci, Fear, FBI, Becoming Commander-in-Chief and more!


Breakthrough: Scientists Discover Ghost Particles From Within Our Galaxy

Scientists have detected ghost particles known as neutrinos emanating from the center of our galaxy. Neutrinos, which are among the lightest elementary particles in the Standard Model of physics, have long been elusive due to their weak interactions with matter. This remarkable finding marks the first time astronomers have been able to create a new map of our galaxy, not through traditional light observations but by capturing these elusive matter particles.

As we expand our understanding of the Milky Way’s portrait, from gamma rays to radio waves, this new row depicting our galaxy in neutrino light has added a previously unseen dimension to our cosmic view.

So, how did astronomers find out that these particles are really coming from the center of our galaxy? Why are neutrinos referred to as the ghost particles of nature? Finally, and most importantly, what significance does the discovery of neutrinos from the galactic center hold for


Donald E. Scott: Indeed, Our Sun is Electric! | Thunderbolts

Third episode of a three-part series. We began with the classic Volt-Ampere characteristic plot of a typical laboratory plasma discharge, then discussed how current density in the actual solar plasma varies with radial distance out from the Sun.

Starting just below the visible surface of the Sun’s photosphere traveling outward as far as Earth’s orbit, we now complete our virtual journey to the heliopause at the edge of the solar system.

Author and electrical engineer Donald E. Scott, PhD, ponders why gas-light era astrophysics are drowning in „inexplicable“ phenomena.
A thorough understanding that the atmosphere of our Sun is a classic electric plasma discharge is a foundation of the EU Model of Cosmology as new evidence continues to verify.


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