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Insanely Creepy Things Found On Google Earth – THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE (engl.)

From bizarre sea creatures to mysterious places that no one can explain in this video we will take a look at Insanely Creepy things found on Google earth.
If you consider yourself a curious person then you’ve probably used Google earth at some point in your life. It’s a very cool app where you can actually explore things via Satellite imagery. The first thing I did was zoom in at my house and it was there. I was scared…but that was it. it was there. But then I realized that If I could see my house from this app I could explore mysterious and creepy places, and it wasn’t just me, thousands of people are exploring google earth every day and sometimes people will come across mysterious and unexplained things , scary creatures and things of sort. In this video I will analyze the most mysterious and creepiest google maps images on Google Earth. Are you ready ?
Welcome to the Impossible Channel where I analyze the strangest and most mind blowing internet videos found online. I’m James LaFleur and I upload 2 videos per week for your entertainment so be sure to get ready for more content like this.



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The Unexplained Videos Of A Man Who Claims He Is In 2027 – That is Impossible

Javier 2027 -Imagine waking up one day to be the only survivor in this world, and finding out your are in 2027…well..this is what supposedly happened with Javier or unicosobreviviente, who captured some of the most mind blowing and mysterious videos of what he says is a dimension between 2027 and 2021. Unbelievable isn’t it ? You’ve probably heard of Time Travel or the idea we are living inside of a simulation, at first these ideas may sound strange and mysterious, however there are many experts that think we may actually discover time travel in a near future – not only that – that we may actually find out that the reality we live in may be a simulation. Of couse these are just ideas for now. But Javier promises to change our way of seeing things with his unexplained videos. Javier is a supposed time traveler living in the year 2027 and to this day , no one can explain it. Is it real ? Is it a glitch in the matrix, Or is it fake ? You’ll have to watch this video to know more about the scary stories of Javier in 2027.

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