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NASA + Nikola Tesla + Carl Jung + NEWS STORIES + FLUVID-19 (engl.)

Why NASA Is Worried About The James Webb Data – The Secrets of the Universe

The James Webb Space Telescope is the most sophisticated and advanced space telescope launched. In addition, it is one of the best instruments we have to study exoplanets. Only in its first few months of being operational, Webb has begun a revolution for the exoplanet’s community. From revealing the transmission spectrum of an extremely hot gas giant to discovering a super-Earth that possibly harbors a global liquid ocean, the James Webb Space Telescope has already proven what it can do.

But the question is, are we ready to study what the most advanced space telescope will reveal about exoplanets? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not much on the positive side. Because as per a new study, there is a high risk that astronomers might misinterpret signals from Webb if the current models are not improved. So what’s really the problem here? How do astronomers risk misinterpreting the James Webb data? Finally, and most importantly, how can we improve our models to make the best use of Webb’s observations?

Nikola Tesla’s TERRIFYING Prediction Has Just Been Revealed In Old Documents – Future Unity

We idolize our tech heroes in this era of technological obsession. The leaders of the technology
sector are treated like rock stars, and their announcements of cutting-edge technology are
heard by billions of people worldwide. The Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla, who held nearly 300
patents and was in charge of such ground-breaking technology as the alternating current, was
one of the first tech icons.
Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American engineer and physicist made numerous advances in the
generation, transmission, and use of electric power. He invented the first alternating current
motor and pioneered the development of AC generation and transmission technology. Despite
his notoriety and respect, he never succeeded in turning his innumerable inventions into long-
term financial success, unlike Thomas Edison, his main rival and former employer.
In this video, we’ll tell you about Nikola Tesla’s last message and his prediction to future
generations revealed in old documents.

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Carl Jung – The Power of Knowing Your Dark Side (Written by Eternalised) – After Skool

Carl Gustav Jung (26 July 1875 – 6 June 1961) was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology. Jung’s work has been influential in the fields of psychiatry, anthropology, archaeology, literature, philosophy, psychology, and religious studies. Jung worked as a research scientist at the famous Burghölzli hospital, under Eugen Bleuler. During this time, he came to the attention of Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis. The two men conducted a lengthy correspondence and collaborated, for a while, on a joint vision of human psychology.

Freud saw the younger Jung as the heir he had been seeking to take forward his „new science“ of psychoanalysis and to this end secured his appointment as president of his newly founded International Psychoanalytical Association. Jung’s research and personal vision, however, made it impossible for him to follow his older colleague’s doctrine and a schism became inevitable. This division was personally painful for Jung and resulted in the establishment of Jung’s analytical psychology as a comprehensive system separate from psychoanalysis.

Among the central concepts of analytical psychology is individuation—the lifelong psychological process of differentiation of the self out of each individual’s conscious and unconscious elements. Jung considered it to be the main task of human development. He created some of the best known psychological concepts, including synchronicity, archetypal phenomena, the collective unconscious, the psychological complex and extraversion and introversion.

In this video, we explore Carl Jung’s concept of the shadow and how to integrate it into our personality to attain wholeness.



⚠️What is in the so-calledCOVID-19 “Vaccines”? Part 1: Evidence of a Global Crime Against Humanity:⚠️

LA QUINTA COLUMNA + MARK PASSIO + The James Webb Space Telescope (engl.)



Record Broken: Webb Just Spotted The Oldest Star Clusters To Date – The Secrets of the Universe

The James Webb Space Telescope has spotted the oldest and one of the most distant individual globular clusters to date. These clusters, named Sparkles, were found around a gravitationally lensed galaxy at a redshift of 1.378. The host galaxy, named Sparkler, lies near the center of the Webb First Deep Field image.

But what’s so special about these globular clusters? Why are they referred to as some of the most mysterious objects in the universe? Finally, and most importantly, how will this discovery help us better understand the era of the cosmic dawn?

DAVID ICKE + Awaken with JP + Dr. Bernard + BROTHERS QUAY + The Secrets of the Universe (engl.)


When Truth Deniers go to Therapy – Awaken with JP

A Man Cooked Chicken In Nighttime Flu Medicine. This Is What Happened To His Liver. – Dr. Bernard

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How James Webb Broke Cosmology In Just 2 Months – The Secrets of the Universe

The James Webb Space Telescope is an infrared observatory that can peer at those regions of the cosmos that even Hubble could not. Webb’s long-awaited first year of science observations, known as cycle 1, began by mid-2022. Two of its Cycle 1 programs spent dozens of hours looking for distant galaxies in the early Universe by staring at separate small portions of the sky.

Astronomers did not expect anything remarkable. They thought they would get a refined version of the Hubble Deep Field from these two short-period Cycle 1 programs. Instead, to their surprise, such galaxies sprung into view immediately. Astronomers began spotting galaxies that must have existed in the first 200 million years of the big bang. The researchers were excited because Webb suddenly opened the windows to the last significant unexplored era in the history of the Universe.

However, those galaxies were not like what we had expected. Instead, they were exceptionally bright with a stellar mass of billions of solar masses. Such giant evolved galaxies defy the expectations set by our standard model of the Universe’s evolution. So, where did we go wrong in our models? How can we explain the new extragalactic observations made by the James Webb Space Telescope? Finally, and most importantly, do these observations mean the Big Bang theory is wrong?

The 26th episode of the Sunday Discovery Series answers all these questions in detail.

All Episodes Of The Series:

There are few bodies of work, animation or otherwise, as heady and dreamlike as that of the Quay brothers. Identical twins born in Pennsylvania in 1947, the brothers studied in London at the Royal College of Art before embarking on a cinematic career making short films in the late 1970s. Influenced by an unusual group of figures – including filmmakers Walerian Borowczyk and Jan Švankmajer as well as such writers as Franz Kafka and Bruno Schulz – the brothers defined an uncanny form of mixed live-action and animation film, amalgamating psychology, surrealism and a very particular flavour of mitteleuropean design.

Walerian Borowczyk

Faced with a huge body of fragmentary short films but just two feature films, the catalogue of the Brothers Quay seems a daunting prospect at first – rather like figuring out where to begin with the work of a short story writer. Added to this is the brothers’ prolific work as designers and animators in a range of other forms, including music videos, adverts and set design. Their fingerprints are recognisable in the most unlikely of locations.

There’s also the fact that their style has been regularly mimicked. Though they worked on several music videos themselves (including as animators on Stephen R. Johnson’s 1986 video for Peter Gabriel’s ‘Sledgehammer’ and videos in their own right for Michael Penn, Sparklehorse and others), their names have been falsely attributed to other animated videos influenced by their style.

The Quay brothers, however, are unique, tapping into a sense of early 20th-century Europe that is a place of dusty nightmares, folkloric paraphernalia and crumbling institutes filled with the dispossessed.

Is There A Black Hole Lurking In The Outer Solar System? – The Secrets of the Universe

Zur Not die automatische Übersetzung einschalten

Far beyond the orbit of Neptune, a massive planet is believed to orbit the Sun. Dubbed Planet 9, astronomers believe that it could be ten times the mass of the Earth and up to four times its size. The existence of this mysterious planet could explain several anomalies seen in the outer solar system. One of them is the clustering of orbits of the objects that lie far beyond the orbit of Neptune. These extreme trans Neptunian objects lie between 150-250 astronomical units from the Sun, where one astronomical unit is the average distance between the Sun and the Earth.

However, after decades of searching, astronomers have been unable to locate Planet 9. And this has forced the researchers to look at other possible scenarios. What if Planet 9 is not a planet after all? What if it is something exotic that exists in our theories but we haven’t seen yet? One such possibility is that of a primordial black hole.


A 5-Minute Journey To The Edge Of The Universe (It’s Cool) – The Secrets of the Universe (engl.)


Dr. Jane Ruby – Stew Peters – Tucker Carlson – DR. VERNON COLEMAN – AwakenWithJP – Kary Mullis – The Secrets of the Universe – Amazing Polly (engl.)

Worldwide Exclusive: Embalmers Find Veins & Arteries Filled with Never Before Seen Rubbery Clots – The Jane Ruby Show

In this worldwide exclusive, Dr. Jane Ruby meets with board-certified Embalmer and funeral Director, Richard Hirschman who reveals, for the first time ever, arteries and veins filled with unnatural blood clot combinations with strange fibrous materials that are completely filling the vascular system. Many of the victims reportedly died of heart attacks and strokes. Mr. Hirschman reports that he found resistance when he tried to embalm these jabbed patients, and then found these strange materials and pulled them from the large vessels of the bodies. He also reported that he has gone from seeing 50% of his embalmed cases with these types of blockages rise to almost 80%.

Contents Of Fibrous Clots In Vaxxed Corpse Revealed, Cancer Rates Surge Through Shedding – Ask Dr. Jane

In this episode she is asked about PCR effectiveness, protecting yourself from the vaccine, & the chemical makeup of the CLOTS found in vaccinated victims!

Tucker Carlson Tonight 7/27/22 Update – Fox Breaking News Trump July 27, 2022


⫸Dr. Vernon Coleman⫷:

Our Plan is More OBVIOUS Than Ever! – News Update – AwakenWithJP

JP Reacts to Tucker Carlson on the Green New Deal –

Kary Mullis: Ultimate Compilation of His Best Clips & Interviews. Is This Why They Killed Him? – Tim Truth

Something Unusual Is Happening To Voyager 1 Probe 23 billion Km Away –
The Secrets of the Universe

The most distant spacecraft, Voyager 1, is sending weird data that show it is confused about its location in space. The problem first appeared in May this year when the readouts from the probe’s AACS puzzled the NASA engineers. Two months later, the glitch hasn’t been resolved. NASA is now referring to 45-year-old Voyager documents and manuals.


NASA May Press Release:
NASA Referring to old documents:




Monkeypox update & another huge Medical Mafia player discovered. Have eczema? This is a *must watch.* Want to send a gift of financial support? Go here: If you have done so already, thank you very much! …….. References below:

WHO declares Monkeypox an Public Health Emergency of International Concern:

My video about Tedros from the W.H.O

POLITICO 2017 Article about Bill Gates Funding the WHO:

Factory Contract Novo Nordisk Engineering / Bavarian Nordic Smallpox Vaccine:

Novo Nordisk Foundation / Gates Foundation / Open Philanthropy partnership March 2022:

Bavarian Nordic Invamune Canadian Product Monograph package including some clinical trial data:

Kurze Nachrichten


Die von Vir.. verseuchte ökologische Wookie Post Vac Wohlstandsverwahrlosungs Gesellschaft dreht durch😂

US-Kinderarzt warnt – Deutsche Untertitel
– ‼️🚨 US-Kinderarzt warnt: Wenn sie jedem Kind oder den meisten Kindern diese COVID-Impfung verabreichen, könnte das das Ende der menschlichen Rasse bedeuten, denn wir wissen nicht, was es mit der Fruchtbarkeit macht, aber es sieht nicht gut aus.

Pentagon, Biolabore, Ukraine – Ivan Rodionov

Das Pentagon finanziert und betreibt mehrere Bio-Forschungslabore in der Ukraine, in denen gefährliche Krankheitserreger untersucht werden. Solche Forschungen gehören normalerweise zum Kernbereich ziviler Gesundheitsbehörden und der Fachwissenschaft, nicht des fremden Militärs. Das Programm soll laut US-Vertretern rein wissenschaftliche und humanitäre Zwecke haben. Das böse Wort „Biowaffen“ steht dabei als ein Elefant im Raum.

Dirk Müller: Hohe Spritpreise – Wer WIRKLICH verantwortlich ist!

„Die Maßnahmen als Ritual?“ Mattias Desmet | COMMENTARY #56

Mattias Desmet, Professor für klinische Psychologie, der in der aktuellen Krise besonders auch die Massenbildung untersucht, untersucht hier Parallelen zwischen der Coronamaßnahmen und einem Opferritual.

Globales Finanzsystem: Wer ist der mächtigste Player? – Ernst Wolff

Ein Kommentar von Ernst Wolff.

Eine der am häufigsten gestellten Fragen zum globalen Finanzsystem lautet: Wer ist denn nun die Nr. 1? Wer spinnt im Hintergrund die Fäden, wer auf diesem Planeten übt die meiste Macht aus? Sind es die Rothschilds, ist es die Federal Reserve oder ist es vielleicht Larry Fink, der Gründer und Chef von BlackRock?


Look Up! The Grand Alignment of Planets Has Begun (engl.)

While astronomy enthusiasts await the first images from the James Webb Space Telescope, we’ve got a spectacular celestial event to relish: the grand planetary alignment of June 2022. The planets have been putting up great shows in the predawn sky since March last week. As a result, we have had several planetary conjunctions and two planet parades. Unfortunately, Mercury and Uranus were missing in the April and May planetary alignments. But the two planets have joined the parade in June, and we have an alignment of all the seven planets as seen from the Earth. The last time such an event took place was way back in December 2004, almost 18 years ago.

Saugefährlich – Werden wir das überleben? – Andi Kandare

Bitte begebt Euch nicht in Gefahr! Laut dem Deutschen Wetterdienst gäbe es ab einem „gefühlten“ Temperaturwert von 32 Grad „akute Lebensgefahr“.

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