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Stew Peters – Ask Dr. Jane: COVID, PCR Tests, Vaxx, DETOX, Poisoning & Criminal Proof (engl.)

„Ask Dr. Jane“ – The interactive segment of „The Stew Peters Show“ with pharmaceutical researcher, Dr. Jane Ruby, went deep into great questions from viewers, and a LOT of the answers were extremely uncomfortable.

Child Jab Injuries + And The Snake Whispered + PLANDEMIC / SCAMDEMIC (engl.)

Child Jab Injuries – First Numbers Reported, Serious DANGER!

Dr. Jane Ruby joined the Stew Peters Show to report on the first look we are getting at numbers of children experiencing adverse events as a result of the dangerous inoculation being called a „COVID Vaccine“.

And The Snake Whispered „Just Eat The Fruit Already“

Imagine if you will, a virus so deadly you must be tested to know you have it and a vaccine so safe you have to be threatened with financial destruction to take it.


In this film we will take a closer look at how the sheeple have reacted to their freedoms being taken away, the media fear based propaganda campaign and the vaccine, which was the inevitable Endgame of the Plandemic to facilitate the Deep State Great Reset.

Part 2

Pfizer – Criminal History + Stew Peters – Holocaust + Scheibenwischer – Nazi-Ärzte

Pfizer – Criminal History

Stew Peters – Holocaust

Ausschnitt aus Scheibenwischer, Folge 44 – Dieter Hildebrandt Urban Priol, am 06. 10. 1988

Stew Peters: VACCINE FAILURE + #PfizerLEAK

VACCINE FAILURE! Patients Hospitalized, Dying Mostly FULLY ‚VACCINATED‘!

The data doesn’t lie.

Dr. Jane Ruby joined Stew Peters to reveal that the „Delta Variant“ may not be the killer, but that the ‚vaccines‘ are likely causing the trauma being treated at hospitals.

#PfizerLEAK – Author of Viral Twitter Post Validates Document LIVE on Stew Peters Show

Ehden Biber, author of the viral Twitter post #PfizerLeak, joined Stew Peters, who pressed Biber on the authenticity of the documents.

Biber explained how he was able to verify that the contract between Pfizer and world governments was, indeed, signed by representatives of the pharma giant and government agents.

The thread can be seen at:
The contract can be viewed at

Stew Peters: Hospitalized „COVID Patients“ + Defeating Censorship

Majority of Hospitalized „COVID Patients“ Are ‚VACCINATED‘

Dr. Jane Ruby joined Stew Peters to discuss the world’s most ‚vaccinated‘ countries and how their recent spike in hospitalizations happens to be those who have recently been inoculated.

The data suggests that the shot is what’s making people ill, and that’s no surprise due to the recent ingredient revelations uncovered.

Movie Producer: Defeating Censorship With Film, Exposing Big Pharma on Big Screen

Lori Martin Gregory is the CEO of 7th Chakra Films, producer of „1986: The Act“, a former broadcast journalist and political strategist who has discovered the secret to defeating the globalist censorship of any person, expert or doctor that blows the whistle on the tyranny inside big pharma and medicine.

College Forcing Jab on Vaccine-Injured Girl, Despite Likely Death | BYU Hawaii

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Stew Peters Show: WHAT IS GRAPHENE OXIDE? + Doctor EXPOSES Fauci

WHAT IS GRAPHENE OXIDE? Main Ingredient in Pfizer, AstraZeneca Vials Explained by Medical Expert

QUESTION OF THE DAY! Dr. Jane Ruby is a 20-year pharmaceutical researcher and she joined Stew Peters to answer the question everyone is asking – WHAT IS GRAPHENE OXIDE, and will it hurt me?

Doctor EXPOSES Fauci! Premeditated Murder With MULTIPLE Cocktails For ‚Treatment‘ Since DAY ONE!

Dr. Bryan Ardis lost his father-in-law to intentional medical mistreatment, and he has now decided to use his education and voice for good!

Dr. Ardis joined Stew Peters and EXPOSED ANTHONY FAUCI for the various cocktails that HE KNEW would absolutely KILL PEOPLE, but he continued to push them anyway!

Actual Contents inside Pfizer Vials exposed

Leider in Ausländisch (Englisch)- Übersetzt das jemand?

Scientists looked into the Pfizer ‘vaccine,’ and what they discovered was TERRIBLE… It’s a poisonous substance! Stew was joined on the broadcast by Dr. Jane Ruby.

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