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College Forcing Jab on Vaccine-Injured Girl, Despite Likely Death | BYU Hawaii

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Stew Peters Show: WHAT IS GRAPHENE OXIDE? + Doctor EXPOSES Fauci

WHAT IS GRAPHENE OXIDE? Main Ingredient in Pfizer, AstraZeneca Vials Explained by Medical Expert

QUESTION OF THE DAY! Dr. Jane Ruby is a 20-year pharmaceutical researcher and she joined Stew Peters to answer the question everyone is asking – WHAT IS GRAPHENE OXIDE, and will it hurt me?

Doctor EXPOSES Fauci! Premeditated Murder With MULTIPLE Cocktails For ‚Treatment‘ Since DAY ONE!

Dr. Bryan Ardis lost his father-in-law to intentional medical mistreatment, and he has now decided to use his education and voice for good!

Dr. Ardis joined Stew Peters and EXPOSED ANTHONY FAUCI for the various cocktails that HE KNEW would absolutely KILL PEOPLE, but he continued to push them anyway!

Actual Contents inside Pfizer Vials exposed

Leider in Ausländisch (Englisch)- Übersetzt das jemand?

Scientists looked into the Pfizer ‘vaccine,’ and what they discovered was TERRIBLE… It’s a poisonous substance! Stew was joined on the broadcast by Dr. Jane Ruby.

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