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Is There A Black Hole Lurking In The Outer Solar System? – The Secrets of the Universe

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Far beyond the orbit of Neptune, a massive planet is believed to orbit the Sun. Dubbed Planet 9, astronomers believe that it could be ten times the mass of the Earth and up to four times its size. The existence of this mysterious planet could explain several anomalies seen in the outer solar system. One of them is the clustering of orbits of the objects that lie far beyond the orbit of Neptune. These extreme trans Neptunian objects lie between 150-250 astronomical units from the Sun, where one astronomical unit is the average distance between the Sun and the Earth.

However, after decades of searching, astronomers have been unable to locate Planet 9. And this has forced the researchers to look at other possible scenarios. What if Planet 9 is not a planet after all? What if it is something exotic that exists in our theories but we haven’t seen yet? One such possibility is that of a primordial black hole.


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