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Sci-Fi Short Film: „Human Resources of Ugago“ | DUST

Dave is the last human employee at „UGAGO“ – a hip, modern stock footage-company. Dave hates his job, the group activities, and the annoyingly exuberant team spirit of his robot colleagues. He does his very best to seclude himself from everyone at his office, as he is convinced about his otherness and superiority to his robot coworkers. One day when he rashly refuses yet another friendly gesture from them, the robots have had enough of his behavior and decide to burst his bubble of arrogance.

„Human Resources of Ugago“ Credits:
Director, Screenplay / Ennio Ruschetti David Oesch
Cinematography / Tobias Kubli
Production Design / Aurelia Buchli
Editor / Norbert Kottman, Hae-Sup Sin
Music / Cédric-Joël Ziegler
Production Manager / Valentin Karl Huber
Lead-Animation / Robin Disch

Leading Actors
Sebastian Krähenbühl as Dave
Denise Hasler as Frank
Alex Freeman as Franks Voice

Supporting Actors
Lea Whitcher as Image Video Voice

Assistant Director / Björn Baumann
Set Manager / Hannah Markfort
Continuity / Kenneth Gilomen
Focus Puller & Assistant Camera / Robin Angst
DIT / Kathrin Schweizer
Gaffer / Lukas Graf
Costume Design / Jeanne Bourgignon
Makeup Artist / Janine Jacoby, Kim Bischofberger
Location Sound Engineer / Noah van Dok
Sound Design / Oscar van Hoogevest, Flurin Devonas
Sound Mixing / Gregg Skermann, Oscar van Hoogevest
Digital Colorist / Valentin Karl Huber
Compositing / Klaus Krall / k-effects, Robin Disch, Ennio Ruschetti
Graphic Artist / Michael Shepherd, Donika Palaj
Technical Support Equipment / Gian Courtis
Technical Support Postproduction / Norbert Kottmann, Yasmin Joerg
Project Supervision / Christian Iseli
Project Mentoring / Prof. Michael Schaerer, Maurizius Staerkle-Drux
Financial Support / das alte Lager
Executive Producer / Filippo Bonacci
Programme Director / Sabine Boss

Sci-Fi Short Film: „The Trap“ | DUST

A man tries to convince his skeptical friend that he has invented a trap for catching extraterrestrials.

„The Trap“ by Dick Grunert

Connect with the Filmmaker:

„The Trap“ Credits:
Writer/Director – Dick Grunert
Producer – Dick Grunert
Director of Photography – Patrik Thelander
Editor – Jerry Pyle
Music & Sound Design – Gregory S. Burkart
Special Make-up Efx – Caitlyn Brisbin
The Trap Design & Construction – Robert Miller
Visual Efx – Adam Lima

Starring –
Curtiss Frisle as Dave
Tony Janning as Stuart

Sci-Fi Short Film: „SKIP“ | DUST

Tonight, Paul pops the question to Amanda. Everything is perfect; then suddenly – chaos. Now the couple find themselves stuck between two worlds. Desperate to be free, they try everything they can to escape… Will they succeed?

„SKIP“ by Justin Reich

„SKIP“ Credits:
Directed By Justin H. Reich
Written by: Mason Reich & Justin H. Reich
Sterling Hurst as Paul
Hope Jordan as Amanda
Cathrine Lellie as Proxy
Bob McHone as Mr. Francis MacClare
Matt Patterson as Deletion Specialist #1
Lee Troutman as Deletion Specialist #2
Joh Harp as John
Based on the Play „SKIP“ by Mason Reich
Cinematographer: Jonathan Pfundstein
Production Designer: Matt Patterson
Editor: Justin H. Reich
Sound: Taylor Parris
1st AC: Dylan Carey
PA’s: Laura Gamble & Michelle Patterson

„Buttered Jazz“ by Rick Ivanoff
„Southern Lights“ by Yanis S. Sousa
„Andera Mexicana“ by Harpo Marks

Sci-Fi Short Film: „Instant Doctor“ | DUST

Did you ever wonder what will the future of health-care hold? How will advances in medical A.I. change our lives? Will algorithms eclipse doctors entirely? We hope not. Instant Doctor is a short film to show appreciation for doctors and health-care human workers everywhere.

„Instant Doctor“ by Diogo Gameiro

„Instant Doctor“ Credits:
Directors: Diogo Gameiro + Youth
Written by: Bianca Troncone, David Stemler, Bernardo Romero, Diogo Gameiro and The Youth
Production Company: The Youth
Starring: Fernando Alves Pinto
Executive Producer: Bernardo Romero and Eduardo Lubiazi
Director of Photography: Yuri Maranhão
Line Producer: Nani Matias
Editor: Diogo Gameiro, João Machado
Original Music: Jamute
Sound Design & Mix: Jamute
Colorist: Spalva – Osmar Junior

First Assistant Director: Andreia Campos
First Assistant Camera: Rodrigo Briza
Second Assistant Camera: Adriano Araujo
Video Assist: Carlos Eduardo
Logger: Maria Machado
Gaffer: Ricardo Pirolla
Key Grip: Flavio Romão
Wardrobe: Luciana Carvalho
Hair & Makeup: Lili Aptz
Prop Master: Mini Arte – Renato Hollanda
Production Coordinator – Carol Cherobin
Production Assistant: Daniel Maia
Production Assistant: Kayane Cabral
Production Assistant: Adriane Lira
Production Assistant: Ulisses Sant Anna
Production Assistant: Vinicius Camala
Stagehand: Rodrigo Bernardi
Location Producer: Dudu

Sound Engineer: Audio Nuclear
VFX: Warriors VFX
VFX Producer: Diogo Gameiro
Motion Designer: Janaina da Veiga

Casting Producer: Renata Scheidt and Flavia Cocoza
Mom sleeping: Luciana Tavares
Child: Julia Sena

Sci-Fi Short Film: „The Workplace“ – DUST

You are very qualifiied.

„The Workplace“ Credits:
Directed by: Carlyn Hudson
Written By: Annah Feinberg
Produced by: Kelly Parker/Mary Ellen Moffat
Executive Producers: Annah Feinberg & Kelly Parker
Associate Producer: Paige Collins
Director of Photography: Carissa Dorson
Production Designer: Christina Phensy
Editor: Andy Young
Costume Designer: Angela Trivino
Original Music: James McEnelly

Stevie: Paige Collins
Nathaniel: Jake Szczepaniak
Cas: Tosin Morohunfola
Kennedy: Ellie Reed

Office Workers:
Amber Allen
Cameron Thomas
Jake Ryan
Luis Alejandro
Negrete Hernandez
Noah Andrade
Rebecca Lee
Silvia Azevedo
Jorge Meneses

First AD: LeGrand Love
Second AD: Devin Johnson
First AC: Nicola Newton
Second AC: Adam Lee
Production Sound Mixer: Carli Plute
Gaffer: Joe Baltazar
Key Grip: Josh Campbell
Grip: Sam Pemberton
Best Boy Electric: Carina Marquez
Hair & Makeup Artist: Jessie Maranda
Set Decorator: Sydney Cortright
Production Assistant: Laura Leal
Location Manager: Pat Olmstead
Stills Photographer: Casey James Knight
Sound Designer: Matt Schwartz
Color Correction: Cory Berendzen
Typeface Design: Jeremy Mickel

Sci-Fi Short Film: „Hey, It’s Me.“ – DUST (engl.)

A selfish man tries to alter his destiny when he receives an ominous phone call from his future self.

„Hey, It’s Me.“ by Mark Sposato & Courtney Sposato

„Hey, It’s Me.“ Credits:
Written & Directed by: The Sposatos
Produced by: Wendy Vall
Director of Photography: Arthur Woo
Original Music: Jay Sakong
Edited by: Craig Holzer
Production Design: Kelsey Hannah Walsh
Art Director: Jesse Aiello
Gaffer: Barton Cortright
Casting Director: Lance Kistler
1st AC: James Demetriou
1st AC: Maksim Axelrod
Production Sound Mixer: Eric Romary
Production Assistant: Whitney Bryan
Production Assistant: Mercedes Tibett
Production Assistant: Michele Da Maria

RJ Brown
Cedric Cannon
Pearls Daily
Gerrard Schweitzer
Reneé Mittelstaedt

Laura & Vineta

A potato farmer connects with the injured alien that crash-landed in his field, much to the chagrin of the local authorities.

Laura & Vineta (Laura un Vineta) by Roberts Kuļenko

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