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Sci-Fi Fantasy Short Film: „Untitled Earth Sim 64“ | DUST

A woman is faced with existential crisis after learning that the universe is an untitled simulation.

„Untitled Earth Sim 64“ by Jonathan Wilhelmsson

More About „Untitled Earth Sim 64“:
Marie is an offbeat woman who suspects that all is not right with the world. After experiencing various glitches in reality, she is called upon by a mysterious being that accidentally lets slip that her universe is a simulation. Marie’s life quickly unravels at this revelation, as she desperately looks for meaning in an untitled simulation.

„Untitled Earth Sim 64“ Credits:
Written, Directed & Produced by Jonathan Wilhelmsson
Executive Producers: Holly Fraser, Ellen Johansson and Mattias Ehrenberg
Starring Karen Olrich-White and Alexandra Frick with the voice of James Fraser
Director of Photography: Jonathan Wilhelmsson
First Assistant Director: Ellen Johansson
Editor, Visual Effects Artist & Colorist: Jonathan Wilhelmsson
Production Assistant: Linus Holm
Aerial Photography: Albin Sjöberg
Sound Recording, Design & Mix: Jonathan Wilhelmsson
Produced with the support of Spoon Agency and Film i Dalarna

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Sci-Fi Short Film: „Ava In The End“ | DUST

After tripping over her dog and dying, a young woman wakes up in a virtual purgatory and waits for her mind to be downloaded into a new body.

„Ava In The End“ Credits:
Starring Elsa Gay and Allie Gallerani
Written/Executive Producer: Addison Heimann
Directed/Edited/Producer: Ursula Ellis
Producer: Rebecca Shuhan Lou
Producer: John Lozada
Executive Producer: Lily Pham
Executive Producer: Nam Kapow Luong Associate Producer: Desiree Stables
1st AD: Jessie Cohen
Script Supervisor: Chloe Williams
Director of Photography: Travis Labella
1st AC: Taylor Harris
Camera PA: Dalton Odell
Gaffer: Matt Planer
Key Grip: JD Howell
Swing: Matthew Chubby
Production Assistants: Isis Carranza, Lillian Cuba Production Sound: Christopher Cole
Boom Operator: Amanda Lowry
Sound Design/Mix: Isaac S. Derfel Original Score: Charles Mueller ADR Recordist: Blue Table Post Colorist: Nate Seymour
VFX Supervisor: Bill Taylor
Visual Effects: Zach Moore
Production and Costume Designer: Judi Bell Makeup Artist: Caitlin Oates
Art PA: Jiyeon Kim
Driver: Mike Hellerstein
Craft Services: Tosha Williams
Still Photographer: Craig Carpenter

ROAM: Rider Of Another Mortal

In an underground hidden lair, FIAR, a mid-20s street kid, works on hacked ROAM technology. He’s interrupted by an old woman seeking help. she claims that she’s an 18 year old kid, and that someone stole her body, and left her in this old shell. Feeling bad for the kid, Fiar lets her in, and reveals that he has a device that might help them track down her original body, and if they can get it back, he might be able to put her back inside of it. He hooks her into his device, which allows him to scan the ROAM Mainframe for her body, but as he does, he realizes that it’s a trap, ROAM operatives are flooding the tunnels outside his secret lair, and the woman that he let in, is secretly working for them. As ROAM Agents bang down the door, Fiar disarms the agent, sets a bomb, and escapes through a secret tunnel. ROAM agents give chase, and corner Fiar. But they do not realize that he has Body Hack technology, an enhancement which allows him to tap into his own bodies natural resources at will (adrenaline, dopamine, norepinephrine, etc…) and juice up on them, giving himself temporary superhuman abilities. He escapes capture, but is shot and mortally wounded in the process. With only minutes left to live, he makes his way to an upscale penthouse apartment, where there is a young woman handcuffed to a chair beside a strange device. As he dies, he hooks them both into the device, turns it on, and transfers his consciousness into the body of the young woman. We realize that Fiar has really been this young woman all along. Not wanting to risk damage to her own body, and now that she has been marked as a terrorist by ROAM, she finds unscrupulous people that have stolen bodies through ROAM, and uses their bodies instead. With ROAM showing no sign of slowing down their operation, she has much work left to do if she hopes to destroy their operation. But for now, it’s good to be home, back in her own body.

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