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The English Corner -Fear and Loathing in the Ukraine (engl.)


It’s April 2022, this is video number 308 and the shocking news is that the Great Reset is no longer just a nightmare for us, and an aspiration in the toxic minds of a bunch of the most evil conspirators ever known. The Great Reset is now frighteningly close to the scary conclusion we’ve all been dreading. We are already living within an oppressive, restrictive faux-communist society based on digital control and progressing rapidly towards a complete lack of individuality and freedom. Anyone who denies this is either very, very ignorant, very very stupid or bought and paid for and part of the nightmare. Most people, the collaborators, are dead but don’t realise it yet. This is the laxative video I never wanted to have to make. Everything is now happening very rapidly.
Dr. Vernon Coleman

Impossible Ancient Technology…Discoveries That Prove Egyptians Were Using Highly Advanced Tools – DTTV Documentaries – 4k

Somehow, thousands of years ago the ancient Egyptians were able to carve massive stone blocks with the type of precision that we would require modern tools, such as a lathe, or even lasers. They also managed to build enormous cities beneath the desert sands of the Sahara. How did they achieve such monumental feats, without the use of modern technology? One answer suggests they had technology that we know nothing about, one that has since become lost.

00:00:13 The Serapeum of Saqqara
00:13:34 Underground City at Saqqara
00:27:05 Impossible Machining
00:39:58 Electricity in Ancient Egypt
00:57:54 Ancient Egyptian Flight
01:11:27 Flight Part 2

Pfizer Documents Show The Vaccine Causes Systemic Damage To The Body

Naomi Wolf

Mind-Bending: The Growth of Graphene Hydroxide From Within the Body – Corona Comitee

Attorney Todd Callender: „It appears, based on our mass spectrometry, that they didn’t actually include graphene oxide in the shots. What I’ve come to find instead is [that] they included all the base compounds in order for the bodies to produce their own graphene oxide… So all they have to do is put the base chemicals into the user, expose them to a certain level of magnetic radiation, so phone signals at a certain frequency, and those people will actually grow graphene hydroxide inside of them.“

Full Video

World Governments Are Mass Murdering Citizens- Dr. Bhakdi Delivers An Emotional Address With Maria Zeee

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi joined us in an emotional address to urge global citizens to take a lawful stand against their governments and health authorities who are clearly pushing a global depopulation agenda, aimed as mass-murdering their citizens.



A warning from the past Rudolph Steiner! The effects of wireless SMOG on living organisms! Do you ever wonder what it could be doing to you?


BIGGER THAN WATERGATE: Election Fraud Caught on Tape, Nitric Oxide Vs. Vaxx, Watch the Water!

Friday on the Stew Peters Show, trial attorney Stefanie Lambert sharing undeniable evidence of the election fraud committed in Pennsylvania, specifically Philadelphia in the hotly contested 2020 presidential race.

Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor warns about Republican traitors enabling pedophiles, the destruction of election integrity, the Clintons, and the elite’s tactics to flip the vote.

Visit Kandiss Taylor website to donate and find more on her America First campaign to save Georgia:

New York City is forcing masks onto 5-year-olds, stunting their mental and psychological growth, and jeopardizing their futures.

Dr. Jane Ruby exposes how mask-enforcers are ignoring ruling from a judge, and pushing indoctrination on kids through the new radical mayor of New York City.

Stanford Graham, executive director of Sanacor International Inc., discusses how Nitric Oxide supplements have proven to be a miracle in resurrecting damaged arteries as people recover from the bioweapon clot shot.

See the vast benefits of his Nitric Oxide supplement Cardio Miracle on his website:

And, Lauren Witzke joins Stew to share a breaking update on the progress of the bombshell Stew Peters Network exclusive documentary, „Watch the Water“, coming Monday!

Vaccine Mandates & Supreme Disappointment – The Daily Mojo

April 8, 2022

Day 750 of 15 days to flatten the curve.


In this new video documentary, we continue to delve deeper into this interesting topic, discussing the Hollow Earth, its mysteries, and the evolved beings who reside there. On this occasion, we uncover the extraordinary ancient culture of Egypt and its mysteries, many of which continue unsolved to this very day.

In the introduction, we will see the mystery and beauty of pearls, a marvel of the Hollow Earth which encapsulates the knowledge of many cultures that continues to be extremely well-hidden. Pearls have always been the symbol of wisdom and immortality, as well as representing love and happiness. We will also examine the interesting false doors found in a wide variety of cultures. These doors don’t appear to lead anywhere, and yet, they were interdimensional portals used since antiquity for interstellar journeys. In fact, they were used by Beings from space, who have always been in contact with terrestrial humanity.

Among the Egyptian culture’s untold mysteries, that have yet to be fully revealed, we have the existence of tunnels that interconnect the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Who built these wonderous constructions, and for what purpose? What is stored inside the Chamber of Records and what information can be gleaned from the Inventory Stela, which discloses unfamiliar data? And what can be said about the highly advanced technology they would have needed to build these structures and artefacts? It is truly striking to discover the relationship linking temples, pyramids and the Nile River, with stars and constellations, as a reflection of the Cosmos on Earth.

Video by Alcyon Pleiades



Alex Jones breaks down how the jury trial for Michigan Governor Whitmer’s kidnapping case- the plot led by FBI informants- has determined no guilty verdicts for defendants who were in fact set up for the crime by the Federal agents. Also, Alex presents a viral video of Astrophysicist David Friedberg issuing a warning to the world about a coming catastrophic food crisis. A Project Veritas journalist approached Hillary Clinton during a luncheon this week and asked her about the outlet’s recent legal victory against a Democrat group connected to the former presidential candidate. Jay Dyer of hosts the final hour of the Alex Jones Show and reveals the scientific elites‘ decades old plan to dramatically reduce the world’s population through forced sterilization, poisoning of the food supply, and tainted vaccines.


Rigged: The Zuckerberg Funded Plot to Defeat Donald Trump

Watch The Trailer below

Is The Largest Invasion In History Well Underway?*The Last Days Before The RED DAWN – EEARTS

Say Bye Bye To AMERICA BABYLON (2022)

Rudolph Steiner über Nicht-Seelenmenschen und die Pläne der Systemherren die Seelen-Menschen von ihrer göttlichen Anbindung zu trennen – @transformation

Rudolph Steiner (1861 – 1925) über Nicht-Seelenmenschen, Seelenmenschen und die Pläne der Systemherren die Seelen-Menschen von ihrer göttlichen Anbindung zu trennen.
Steiner sah den menschlichen Körper als ein Gefäß, in dem der göttliche Funke wohnt, welches aber auch für die Besetzung von anderen Wesen offen ist. Sich dieser Eigenschaft bewusst zu sein, bedeute auch die Kraft zu haben, diese negativen Einfluss zurückzuweisen 😎

Wichtige Aussagen von Rudolph Steiner:

Niemand kann ein gesundes höheres Selbst zur Welt bringen, wenn er nicht gesund in der physischen Welt lebt und denkt

Die Grundlage aller wahren spirituellen Entwicklung ist ein Leben im Einklang mit den Gesetzen der Natur und der Vernunft

Die Liebe ist ein Erleben des anderen in der eigenen Seele

Die Zorro Kenji Show #60 Markus Fiedler

Markus Fiedler ist Musiklehrer , Diplombiologe und Dokumentarfilmer. Zusammen mit Dirk Pohlmann produziert er die Show „Neues aus Wikihausen“. Er ist silbernes Ehrenmitglied bei Psiram und ehemaliges Mitglied der Band „Desaster Area“.

Die Bewohner von Atlantis und ihr besonderes Gedächtnis

Viele Sagen und Mythen existieren um den verloren Kontinent Atlantis. Die meisten beschäftigen sich allerdings mit dem Ort an dem sich dieser Besondere Kontinent befunden haben soll. Vieles deutet darauf hin, dass Atlantis nicht nur ein einfacher Kontinent war, sondern eine Weltumspannende Zivilisation. Doch wer waren die Bewohner von Atlantis und welche unterschiede hatten die sogenannten Atlanter verglichen mit uns Menschen? Es war nicht nur so das die Atlanter viel Größer waren als wir Menschen. Auch ihre Art zu Denken war anders als wir es selber kennen. Denn die Art der Denkweise unterscheidet sich elementar gegenüber der unseren. Wie genau erfahrt ihr im Video…

Die Inspiration für dieses Video stammt aus Vorträgen von Rudolf Steiner.

Er sagte die momentane Situation VORAUS!

Viele der größten Gelehrten, Philosophen und Asketen der Welt haben verstanden, dass die Welt, die Erde auf der wir leben, multidimensional ist und auch von nicht-physischen Wesen, guten wie bösen, bewohnt wird, welche immer im Krieg mit uns und miteinander sind und nach mehr Macht, mehr Kontrolle und der Ablenkung der Menschheit streben.

Rudolf Steiner wurde 1861 im heutigen Kroatien geboren und war ein österreichischer Publizist, Pädagoge und Spiritualist, der im Laufe seines Lebens mehrere Bücher und Artikel über die Wissenschaft der Spiritualität veröffentlichte. Er stand zumindest zeitweise den Freimaurern nahe und hatte Kontakt zu den Eliten der Macht.

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