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JIMMY DORE + Amazing Polly – Really Graceful + THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE (engl.)



Healthy young doctors are “dying suddenly” in Canada, and a US House Intelligence member sounds alarm over DNA-specific weapons.


Documenting all the strangeness of the New York City Emergency Broadcast PSA’s and advertisements for tap water by the New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

Unbelievable Videos That Cannot Be Explained – THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE

From mysterious and scary encounters with Bigfoot to unexplained glitches in the matrix, in this video I will analyse the most unbelievable videos that were actually caught on tape.
Bigfoot caught on camera : Just imagine you’re walking in the woods when all of a sudden you encounter a big furry humanoid creature that resembles a human, but is more known as a Sasquatch. These kind of encounters are not so common but in a certain region they have become , and no one knows why. Several sightings have been caught on cam in this mountain and region and there has to be reason behind it…but what ?
Glitch in the matrix: In the past few years many celebrities has shown strange behaviour in front of the live cameras , and in most cases there’s a good explanation but in some, there isn’t – and this is when people coin it a glitch in the matrix. This is sort of what happened a few weeks ago with a Lady Gaga footage that has gone viral since it was posted to twitter, a book seems to pause mid air and it was all captured on camera.
Mermaid sighting : Mermaids are considered a bedtime story but there are those who research the topic a bit further and more seriously. This is because mermaid sightings were very common in some places and no one knows why. A YouTuber decides to investigate this particular area and a creepy encounter is what awaits. This is what he catches on camera.
Portal from Stranger things : A TikTok influencer (LR) moves from his old home to a new one with his family only to find out that they are face to face with what appears to be a portal from stranger things. LR then proceeds to video this bizarre phenomenon and post it to TIkTok. Viewers were baffled. What was this mysterious fissure on his wall that has a mysterious glow to it. Could it be a trick or is it the real deal ?

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