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Sci-Fi Fantasy Short Film: „Untitled Earth Sim 64“ | DUST

A woman is faced with existential crisis after learning that the universe is an untitled simulation.

„Untitled Earth Sim 64“ by Jonathan Wilhelmsson

More About „Untitled Earth Sim 64“:
Marie is an offbeat woman who suspects that all is not right with the world. After experiencing various glitches in reality, she is called upon by a mysterious being that accidentally lets slip that her universe is a simulation. Marie’s life quickly unravels at this revelation, as she desperately looks for meaning in an untitled simulation.

„Untitled Earth Sim 64“ Credits:
Written, Directed & Produced by Jonathan Wilhelmsson
Executive Producers: Holly Fraser, Ellen Johansson and Mattias Ehrenberg
Starring Karen Olrich-White and Alexandra Frick with the voice of James Fraser
Director of Photography: Jonathan Wilhelmsson
First Assistant Director: Ellen Johansson
Editor, Visual Effects Artist & Colorist: Jonathan Wilhelmsson
Production Assistant: Linus Holm
Aerial Photography: Albin Sjöberg
Sound Recording, Design & Mix: Jonathan Wilhelmsson
Produced with the support of Spoon Agency and Film i Dalarna

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Rizwan Virk, Informatiker und Videospielentwickler am MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, hat ein Buch veröffentlicht, in dem er das Thema diskutiert, dass wir in einer Simulation wie einem Videospiel leben.
In dem Buch „The Simulation Hypothesis“ auf Deutsch „Die Simulations-Hypothese“ stützt Virk die Theorie mit einer Vielzahl von Argumenten, dass der Mensch in einer Simulation lebt.
Das Portal „Digital Trends“ hat ihn interviewt, um seine Meinung zu diesem Thema zu erfahren.

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