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New Trolls – Dance With The Rain

Founded in Genoa, Italy in 1967 – Disbanded in 1997 – Reformed in 2007
Along the years several members regrouped under different monikers (New Trolls Atomic System, Vittorio De Scalzi – La storia dei New Trolls, Ibis, Il Mito New Trolls, La Leggenda New Trolls, Uno Tempore)

Unique in the history of Italian progressive music, NEW TROLLS were leaders and were for a time the top band in Italy. In 1973, NEW TROLLS split into two camps, the hard-rocking IBIS and the symphonic-oriented NEW TROLLS ATOMIC SYSTEM. They crossed many different permutations of line-up changes, many musical stylings… and great hits, passing through beat, pop ballads, progressive rock works, hard rock, and melodic pop followed groups like GENESIS and PFM.

In 1971, the TROLLS released their greatest album „Concerto Grosso No. 1“ that’s still recognized as one of the most important Italian rock releases ever made. This album was to take them in a new direction. It was the first effort in Italy to fuse rock music with classical treatments. 1972 was the year in which NEW TROLLS became the producers of a mature music. Two albums were released that year, „Searching For a Land“ and „UT“. „Searching for a Land“ (1972) is full of great songs and amazing musical highlights. „UT“ is an amazing amalgam of progressive rock covering a wide variety of styles (references: YES, ELP, GENESIS, KING CRIMSON). The second „Concerto Grosso No. 2“ (1976) was far more eclectic with few influences from classical music, and was not quite as good than the first one. From the album „Aldebaran“ the sound became more commercial (like BEE GEES) until early 90’s, then came to a new split. Now you know to go for true prog insight.

Nonetheless, „Concerto Grosso No. 1“, „Searching for a Land“, „UT“ are highly recommended.

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Bury a Friend (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

Original by Billie Eilish

Genesis – Dusk

spock’s beard – the great nothing

Something in the Way (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

Original by Nirvana

Solstice – Brave New World

Elvira T – Все решено

G R E N V I L L E / B R O K E N / E N T A N G L E D

Yes – Awaken (Keys to Ascension I)

Awaken is a song by the British progressive rock band Yes released on their acclaimed 1977 album Going for the One. At 15 minutes and 31 seconds it is the longest track on the album, occupying most of the second side of the LP. Many Yes fans, as well as lead singer/songwriter Jon Anderson himself, consider this song to be the best track in the band’s entire recorded output: „We had a hit record! I loved listening to ‚Awaken‘, at last we had created a Masterwork.“ Like many extended Yes pieces, the song has a very complex harmonic and rhythmic structure and enigmatic lyrics.

Along with the track „Parallels“, also released on Going for the One, the song features a church organ played by Rick Wakeman. According to the booklet of the 2003 CD reissue, these parts were recorded at St. Martins Church, Vevey, Switzerland. In addition the track features a harp played by Jon Anderson. An embryonic version called „High Vibration“ had already been played at some concerts back in 1975 when the band was promoting their previous album Relayer. Lasting something over one minute it only featured the starting lyrics (up to „Where Can I Be“) and melody by Jon Anderson with a gentle layer of Steve Howe’s guitar and Patrick Moraz’s mellotron. At that time the tune was used as a melodic announcement to „The Gates of Delirium“.

Since 1977 the song´s staple in concerts has been Chris Squire playing a triple neck bass guitar featuring two fretted necks (6- and 4-string) and a 4-string fretless one. From the first verse on up to the short bass interlude he would be playing the fretless bass using a pick. For the „Master of Time“ parts (both before and after the long organ solo) he would be fingerplucking the fretted 4-string, while the 6-string one would be picked during the organ solo. The instrument had originally been commissioned by Rick Wakeman for Roger Newell, the bass player in his solo band English Rock Ensemble, but was handed over to Squire, much to Newell’s irritation. The original instrument was a Wal, built by Electric Wood in England, and it is currently on loan to the Hard Rock Cafe in New York. The instrument Yes has been using for many years is a Japanese-made replica.

Conspiracy Musik Guru – Frequency manipulation and more with Crrow and Jason (engl.)

Here is the first hour of my interview with Crrow and Jason, we cover a lot in the first hour particularly the „devil’s apprentice“ a man named John Deagan, one of the main culprits in bastardizing our music frequency.


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Tangerine Dream – Stratosfear

Björn Banane – Rote Linie

Anekdoten – Thoughts In Absence

LSD – Genius (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

The Babylon Bee – We Don’t Talk About China

The left, celebrities, and athletes will take money from China, but they sure don’t like talking about China. Tap your foot to the hit song parody of „We Don’t Talk About Bruno“!

We don’t talk about China, no, no, no!
We don’t talk about China
It was inauguration day
We were getting ready and there wasn’t a crowd at the mall
Fences all over the mall
China calls in per our mutual win
Corn Pop!
You telling this story, or am I?
I’m sorry, Jen Psaki, go on!
China says, „We don’t detain…“
What’d those Chinamen tell us?
“Uighurs, or start COVID strains.”
Obama was a clean fella
We’ll circle back another day
Hunter took their pay, so they’re okay!
We don’t talk about China, no, no, no!
We don’t talk about China!

Hey! Grew to find a love of China silencing and censoring
I will always pander to their editing and murdering
I associate them with the sound of printing cash
Got a gay kiss? It’s a miss with the Chinese
Edit till we get it all approved by the commies
Grappling with policies we couldn’t understand
Do you understand?

Dr. Anthony Fauci
5 foot 7 frame
Bat soup as a snack
All my function gains
Will all fade to black
Can’t hear beagles’ screams
Cause I surgically removed their vocal cords!We don’t talk about China, no, no, no!
We don’t talk about China

Eric Swalwell
Fang Fang told me she really loved me,
but the next day: GONE!

John Cena
Wǒ huì shuō yīdiǎr pǔtōnghuà
Yīshēng qīngchóng

Yvonne Tong
When I asked the WHO about Taiwan
my phone call went dead

Your fate is sealed when your fortune cookie’s read!

Xi Jinping
I tell you that Taiwan and Hong Kong are in
China and someday be mine
I tell you that my power will grow like the
dragon that fly through the sky(Yes, Xi Jinping is on his way)

They told me that their slaves would make me some nice Nike jerseys
If I shut up and dribble(It’s like I hear him now)

Xi Jinping
U.S., I want not a sound out of you(It’s like I hear him now,
I can hear him now)Donald J. Trump
Um, China…
Yeah, about that China…
I really told you all about China…
I had the the truth and the whole truth, China

(Donald Trump, you get out of here!)
(Get off Twitter)

Don’t talk about China!

Donald J. Trump
I warned you all about China!

Not a word about China!

Donald J. Trump
I really warned you all about China!

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Ozric Tentacles – Space for the Earth

ANTI VAXXER RAPPER (Official Music Video) By: Black Pegasus „Freedom Of Speech“

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