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Prog Rock Dock Presents A Collection Of Songs by Kansas

Enjoy a collection of songs by the classic progressive rock group! All for one and One For The Vine!~Sebastian

Captain Future – Recline


Captain Future – Recline, released March 28, 2023. Hey friends, I’d like to invite you for something completely different. Between my Gospel Rock’n’Roll Blues Dub escapes there’s another type of music I do: Ambient music. Captain Future in Zen presents „RECLINE“. Meditative music for the weary Rock’n’Roll soul. What I find interesting about this music is that when it’s played it seems to make outside noises sound in themselves musical. A distant jackhammer, amorous foxes in the garden, police sirens, neighbours arguing, thunder and lightning, somehow all turn into musical elements and make sense. Even the kettle boiling sounds musical. It’s also really useful to put on in the background when doing slightly boring things such as accounting or a tax return. My 12 year old son has recently developed an interest in cooking. So when we cook (he’s the master chef, I’m the assistant of course) it creates a lovely atmosphere. Some of the pieces stem from a previous project of mine called ‚The Starseeds‘. You can find our two albums on all digital outlets. With over a million streams and a good chunk of sales, syncs on „Six Feet Under“ and many TV and film this has been a good project creatively and I’m still proud of it today.


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Progressive Rock Mix by Ofenblase – Volume 20

Yet another entertaining mix by sir Ofenblase! Enjoy! All for one and One For The Vine!~Sebastian

Martins Garden – AQUA

Martins Garden – AQUA, released March 22, 2023, Merkaba Music. All tracks written, arranged and produced by Marcel Umberg. The Way Of The Tao – Martins Garden and Fletric (Sinisa Culic).


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Progressive Rock 3-Pack / Fantasy / Canarios / Atmosphera

Three albums from the 1970s Progressive Rock scene. Fantasy – Paint A Picture / Canarios – Ciclos / Atmosphera – Lady of Shalott. Enjoy! All for one and One For The Vine!~Sebastian

Batzorig Vaanchig – Chinggis Khaanii Magtaal (Ode to Chinggis Khaan) Remix

Batzorig Vaanchig - Chinggis Khaanii Magtaal (Ode to Chinggis Khaan) Remix

Mongolian throat singing x Rammstein

Original video by Batzorig Vaanchig:    • Chinggis khaanii …  


(Van Halen, Arrangement: Florian Rein)
featuring Sebastian Horn (vocals)



Conny Kreitmeier – Vocals Michi Wiedenmann – Vocals Dominik Glöbl – Trumpet Max Grasmüller – Clarinet, Saxophone Martin Schnitzer – Trombone Benedict Waldmann – Tuba, Bariton Markus Orterer – Accordeon Florian Rein – Drums, Percussion, Bass, Guitar, Vocals with special guest Sebastian Horn (Vocals)


produced by Florian Rein Video-editing, recording, mixing & mastering: Florian Rein


booking & contact: Bergbeatmusic Florian Rein Bad Tölz (Germany)


New The Heimatdamisch-Youtube-Concert coming soon! Premiere: 9th May 2021! More infos and tourdates:

Neuroq – Integra


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ES FÄHRT EIN LAND GEGEN DIE WAND – Intermezzo des Tages #39 – Alien’s Best Friend




SHOP:… Energieausgleich gerne als „Schenkung“ IBAN: DE84 3005 0110 0032 3621 70 BIC: DUSSDEDDXXX Wir danken Euch von Herzen 💜

Perfect Blind – Volition


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Billy Strings – Dust In A Baggie

„Dust in a Baggie“ live on the Logging Road at Pickathon.
Recorded July 31, 2015. Don Julin on mandolin.

Für Nikolai B.

Pasha Aeon – Banyan Om Space Remixes

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der neue Song von Lisa Fitz, hochaktuell und auf den Punkt.
(Text: Lisa Fitz ; Produzent: Reinhold Hoffmann)

Sanson Ki Mala Pe (ft. Shan Padman)

Sanson Ki Mala Pe (ft. Shan Padman)

Portuguese Guitarist meets Indian Singer (Shan Padman) that lives in the Philippines, to record a Pakistani song, in an American musical genre.

Sanson Ki Mala Pe. Original song by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan



Follow Shan:    / @shanpadman   ———-

LYRICS (Written in the 16th century by Indian Poet Meera Bai) :


SANSON KI MALA PE SIMRUUN MAIN PEE KA NAAM (On the rosary of breath, I lay my beloveds name) Verse 1 PREM KE RUNG MEIN AISE DOBI BUN GAYA AIK HE ROOP (I droned myself in a way that I forgot about my physichal and spiritual existence) PREM KI MAALA JAPTE JAPTE AAP BANI MEIN SHAYAAM (I myself became God/or Shyaam) Verse 2 PREETAM KA KUCH DOSH NAHI HAI, WO TO HAI NIRDOSH (My beloved is not guilty, but innocent) APNE AAP SE BAATEIN KER KE HOO GAYI MEIN BADNAAM (Like insane person by talking with myself, I got a bad repute, bad name) Verse 3 JEEVAN KA SHINGAR HAI PREETAM, MAANG KA HAI SINDOOR (My beloved is the beautification adornment of life and vermilion in my hair) PREETAM KI NAZROON SE GIR KER JEENA HAI KISS KAAM (When fallen from the eyes of my beloved what is the use of such living) Search keywords: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, NFAK, Sanson Ki Mala Pe Simruun Main, Andre Antunes, Rock Music, Metal Music, Crossover, Qawaali, Sufi, India, Pakistan, Guitar, Riffs, Solos, collab, bollywood, punjabi goes metal

Sayyed Bandar – Memory Hole


Sayyed Bandar – Memory Hole, released April 25, 2023. Sayyed Bandar returns with his fourth release „Memory Hole EP“ on his newly registered label – Kidanama Records, a label related to Kamidana Records where he previously released 3 albums based on home/studio jams sessions. Kidanama Records was founded to complement its sister label with releases which don’t necessarily fall into jam session structures. Thus, Memory Hole EP is a result of eclectic production style with a mixture of analog and digital world with lots of sound carving effort put into building complex soundscapes and textures to describe an exciting story.


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Sereno – Impermanence

Sereno – Impermanence, released January 24, 2023, FrequenSeed Music. Unlock a world of sensory pleasure with the power of Impermanence Sereno’s latest EP, an ultimate creative music production, where he takes you on a sonic adventure with its unique melodies, rhythmic patterns and deep basslines. Get ready to submerge yourself in genre-bending, Wake up your inner being and move your body with this EP, and enjoy a truly breathtaking music experience

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V A N D E N – P L A S / B E Y O N D – D A Y L I G H T

An excellent album by a brilliant band in the progressive metal arena that deserves more exposure. Enjoy! All for one and One For The Vine!~Sebastian

Watasuni – Where the Ocean’s Free

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Eye of the Pfizer (Eye of the Tiger Parody from „The Boatrawker“)

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