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The Secret History of the Moon – 4K – melodysheep (engl.)

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The Moon has drawn out our sense of wonder since before we were fully human. Where did it come from? What secrets are written in its rocks? For most of our history, its story was cloaked in myth and mystery. Only now are the vivid details coming into focus.

This video takes you back 4.5 billion years to witness the dramatic ways which the moon could have formed, according to the latest mind-blowing theories. By reading the clues written in Moon rocks, we are closer than ever to knowing its full story. But the Moon still holds its secrets close. What else is it hiding?

Concept, visual effects, and music by melodysheep (John D. Boswell). Featuring the voice of Dr. Sarah T. Stewart and samples from Moonwalk One and Man and the Moon. Additional visuals by Tim Stupak, Sarah T. Stewart and NASA. Soundtrack now available:

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Life Beyond – Teil 1-3 – Dokumentation (engl)

Chapter 1. Alien life, deep time, and our place in cosmic history (4K)

The biggest question of our time. Are we alone? Chapter 1 of this experience takes you to alien worlds and distant places in time and space, in search of where alien life might be hiding and what our place is within the history of life. After generations of wondering, the truth is finally within our reach. New research and technologies have brought us closer than ever to an answer – only a few decades in the eyes of some NASA scientists.

The search has led to new discoveries that will blow your mind wide open and give a profound new perspective on human life. The deeper we look, the deeper we see into nature’s imagination, and the more we learn about ourselves. I hope stewing on these thoughts tickles your brain as deeply as it does mine.

Get the soundtrack:

Chapter 2 – The Museum of Alien Life (4K)

What if there was a museum that contained every type of life form in the universe? This experience takes you on a tour through the possible forms alien life might take, from the eerily familiar to the utterly exotic, ranging from the inside of the Earth to the most hostile corners of the universe.

New research is upending our idea of life and where it could be hiding: not just on Earth-like planets, where beings could mimic what our planet has produced, but in far flung places like the hearts of dead stars and the rings of gas giant planets. Nowhere in the universe is off limits.

Only when we know what else is out there will we truly know ourselves. This thought experiment will give us a glimpse into what could be out there, how we might find it, and just how far nature’s imagination might stretch.


Chapter 3: In Search of Giants. An exploration of intelligent alien life (4k)

Who are the masters of the universe? Are we the only intelligent life, or is something else lurking out there?

For 60 years now, we have probed the skies for signs of alien intelligence, longing for connection — to no avail. But new ideas and technologies are beginning to change the game.

Proudly presenting the third chapter in the Life Beyond trilogy: In Search of Giants.

In this journey, we will see how far we’ve come in the search for intelligent life, how they might be communicating, just how advanced they might be, and what it would mean if we really did make contact.

It might take thousands of years to make a discovery. But as long as the mystery endures, the search for giants will continue. It’s in our blood to want to know.
Story, visual effects, music & Sound by melodysheep (John D. Boswell)
Narrated by Will Crowley

Soundtrack coming soon to all major music platforms.

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