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ICIC – ZUSAMMENFASSUNG MIT – NR. 32 (23.07.2023) + From Operation Paperclip to JFK to Corona (engl.)


ICIC Zusammenfassung mit Reiner Fuellmich – Nr. 32

From Operation Paperclip to JFK to Corona

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich with investigative Hollywood – Screenwriter Mark Groubert

He reports very entertainingly and clearly on his findings about the extensive connections, of politicians, scientists, and economic giants, which leave one amazed.

German scientists who worked in both the Soviet Union and America are just one subject.

Having grown up in a Jewish household, he was influenced as a journalist on the one hand by the past with the topic of national socialism, and on the other hand by all political events. A special topic: the Kennedy assassination almost 60 years ago.

Mark Groubert originally comes from the print and magazine media and has a penchant for undercover research. He is not interested in the headlines, but in the background.

How many Nazis moved to America after the war?

What was Henry Ford’s attitude towards the Jews?

Which American politician did Hitler admire?

Where did eugenics come from?

What does Camp King in Germany have to do with MK Ultra?

Who is he referring to when he said:

„We will have a price to pay.“

In a light, almost humorous way, he links the past to the present, cites famous names and lifts the veil a little to give the audience a first glimpse of the background. And this with just the right dose of content for all to follow.

Entertaining, informative and worth seeing.

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