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Hans in Luck! A German fairy tale!

(Der Sensenmann führt den europäischen Hundeschlitten)

He is Hans
does he like to dance?
Hans means John
he is not alone
but the heart of CFR (*) is made from stone
In the fairy tale, Hans did lose all
but our Hans, he did not fall
The CFR is leading the European Dog Team

Jingle bells jingle bells
dashing with us and John to the hell
the sledge is pulled by the EU dogs
which have less intelligence than frogs
the CFR is the commander
But what happened, o wonder
after a nuclear war
with the czar:

We came to Santa Claus
directly to his house
there we could stay and sleep
the nightmare in the world was deep

(Bild: Witches/ Kindesopferung /Johann Heinrich Füssli)

They really killed children and did eat them
But Santa Claus did show us beautiful things then:

At left an angel, at the right the Parkwächter, or the Eifelphilosoph
I do not completely recognize, who of the both
They are directly the truth writing,
therefore their articles are very effective fighting!


(*) über den CFR bzw. das geostrategische Netz, in dem wir alle zappeln: siehe auch „Swiss Propaganda Research“:

CFR – „Die Propaganda-Matrix“ 


 Chicago Council on Global Affairs / Youtube  (Kurzfassung)


Fotocredits (Creative Commons / von oben nach unten:)

Jean Ziegler /By Rudi Handl [CC BY-SA 3.0]

https://pixabay.com/de/schlittenhund-schlittenhunde-1105335/ CC0

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