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Every Stunning Image Captured By James Webb Space Telescope So Far – The Secrets of the Universe

The James Webb Space Telescope has completed its first year of science operations. In its first year, the $10-billion infrared space observatory challenged our understanding of the cosmos and showed the universe in a way no other telescope in the past could. In this video, you will find every James Webb Space Telescope image released so far: From the mesmerizing images of the planets of the solar system to the gigantic galaxies seen at the edge of time.



Sunday Discovery Series: https://bit.ly/369kG4p

COSMOS in a Minute Series: https://bit.ly/470VLL8

Music 1: Ambient Piano by LukePN Music 2: Interstellar by Stereonuts Created by: Rishabh Nakra Images: NASA/ESA/JWST

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