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Sci-Fi Short Film: „Implant“ | DUST

In a world where the technology exists to hack into peoples’ memories, a traditional housewife colludes with her close friend to expose her husband, who she suspects is unfaithful. A film about love, betrayal and technology.

„Implant“ by Ran Li

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More About „Implant“:
After 5 years of marriage, Emily’s life feels dull. Her husband George is usually busy at work: his company is fast-growing, developing apps for this new brain-computer interface called Implant. Almost everyone has Implant: a new technology embedded in people’s brains that are basically a far more advanced version of today’s smartphone.
Fortunately, on lonely weekends, Emily has her best friend Betty to spend time with her. Betty sympathizes with Emily’s loneliness.
One day, Emily accidentally sees someone who looks like George through a hotel room window, she is anxious: as a traditional Chinese woman, she doesn’t want to confront George, as it might risk their marriage, but she desperately wants to find out if George is cheating. She has one way to do so, begging Betty, who is an Implant specialist, to lend her a gadget that can steal George’s memory via his Implant.
George’s memory shows he was not cheating. He was just working hard. But he discovers Betty and Emily’s shady plan. Feeling betrayed, he divorces Emily.
In the end, it turns out George and Betty colluded the whole thing, in order to get rid of Emily, who valued marriage so much that she wouldn’t get a divorce. It is Betty’s superiority in new technology that enables her to trick Emily. George, being happy about the result, finds the horrifying truth that his destiny is now in Betty’s grip forever.

„Implant“ Credits:
Writer, Director — Ran Li
Producer — Andrew Kevelson
Executive Producers — Li Jin, Yang Pengbo

Emily — Effy Han
Betty — Constance Parng
George — Hayes Beyersdorfer
Nurse Rosa — Crystal Rodriguez
Chinese Woman — Gloria Ho
Chinese Man — Craig Ng

Director of Photography / Colorist Connor Lambert
Production Designer Xiaowen Wang
Supervising Art Director — Yunong Xia
Art Director / Costume Designer / Set Dresser — Ring Hyacinth
On-set Art Director— Ann Geng
Makeup Artist — Cynthia Wu
Editor — Christopher Ma
Visual Effects Supervisor — Stephen Burchell
Associate Producer— Chandler Toffa
Composer— Anthony Sabatino

First Assistant Director—Ivy Liao
Production Coordinator — Emily Schroeder
Unit Production Manager— Will Milvid, Eric Rich
Script Supervisor— Teresa Hartmann
Line Producer— Cameron Chin

Storyboard Artist&Poster Designer — Sean Song
Graphic Designer — Yi Mao
Art Department Assistant — Sarah Grant
Computer UI Designer — Yutong Liu

First Assistant Camera — Will Hecht
Second Assistant Camera—
Will Milvid
Yung-Chih Hsu
Huanxi Li
Nick Paskhover
Rui Jiang Ong
Jack Kissane
Sam Schmiedeskamp

Gaffer— Sohil Vaidya
Best Boy Electric — Will Milvid
Key Grip — Justin Persinger
Best Boy Grip — Aman Singh
BTS Photographer— David Woon

Sound Mixer/Boom Operator—Jordan Litt
Supervising Sound Editor— Ryan Vaughan

Production Assistant—
Annie Nguyen
Morgan Johnson
Devan Gavin
Rohit Padmakumar
Emily Arendt
Kristina Abissi
Alex Knoblock

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