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ICIC – One Small Town vs. 15 Minute Prisons (engl)


In this episode of ICIC, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich talks with Michael Tellinger, a scientist, author, explorer, humanitarian founder of the ‚One Small Town‘ initiative, as well as Emil Borg, New National Ambassador for One Small Town Sweden, and Dexter Ryneveldt, lawyer and economist in South Africa: possible solutions to help free ourselves from the dependencies of the systems and live a dignified and free life. Especially in the so-called Corona pandemic with its inhumane measures, it became abundantly clear that the prevailing governmental systems have nothing good in mind for humanity and that they have long been pursuing a subtle global agenda to install totalitarian mechanisms. This is to make humanity controllable and fully dependent on their system at their will. These brutal procedures have made many people wake up rather uncomfortably, and question the authorities as well as the reality in which we live.

Michael Tellinger presents the idea of the „One Small Town Initiative“ in detail. He has been involved with its development since 2005 and has dedicated all his time, possessions and manpower to this project, as he is completely convinced of this possibility of living together without depending on and being abused by a governmental system.

He talks about the beginnings of the ‚One Small Town‘ project, formed from the so-called Ubuntu movement and Contributionism, a system in which people contribute their skills and talents for the benefit of the community. In this way, everyone can benefit from each other’s skills. It’s about realizing how much power and potential a small town of several thousand people has, where everyone co-operates with everyone else at all levels instead of competing. If the mindset changes, there is an infinite abundance of opportunities to live with each other, from growing food, to starting businesses, to creating property and to participate in these same local small town businesses.

The basis of this project lies in returning ownership to those, away from global world corporations, and towards those who provide and work to create real value.

Why is this kind of free coexistence impossible within the framework of political systems? How exactly does the underlying exchange of goods and services work from an economic perspective? Is this method feasible, and how does one manage not to fight against the system, but to create one’s own independence within the legal framework? Where do one-small-town companies already exist? What explains their rapid growth worldwide and how can people become part of these projects?

ICIC – Die Medizingeschichte zeigt, Impfungen haben immer Schaden angerichtet (D+E) + DR. NORTHRUP, DR. LEE MERRITT AND DR. REINER FUELLMICH BRING IT! (Engl.) + The Third Reich Never Died – Sweden Under Review – Interview (Engl.)

Realsatire und Verschwörungstheorien

Die Medizingeschichte zeigt, Impfungen haben immer Schaden angerichtet

In dieser Folge von ICIC spricht Dr. Reiner Fuellmich mit Dr. Gerd Reuther, Mediziner und Radiologe, über die historischen Hintergründe der Medizin und die Entstehungsgeschichten von Krankheiten und Seuchen über die Jahrhunderte hinweg, vom vorchristlichen Zeitalter bis zur heutigen Zeit. Er weist zahlreiche Zusammenhänge und Parallelen zu sogenannten Pandemien des Altertums und des aktuellen Zeitgeschehens, z. B. der „Corona-Pandemie“, auf. Die Ausrufer dieser „Pandemien“ bedienen sich gestern wie heute immer der gleichen Methode: der Erzeugung von Angst und Panik.

Er beleuchtet die Rolle der Kirche und ihrer Vertreter und wie weit deren machtvoller Arm zu allen Zeiten in Wissenschaft, Forschung sowie Medizin reichte. Diese Gebiete standen gänzlich unter der Kontrolle der Kirche, und auch heute noch gehen diese Machtausübungen weiter. Man könnte dieses Verhalten schon als opportunistisch bezeichnen, wandte sich die Kirche im Laufe der Geschichte doch immer wieder denjenigen zu, die gerade das Sagen hatten. Dieses Muster zeigt sie aktuell erneut, nämlich als sie ohne zu zögern die Covid-Impf-Propaganda befeuerte. Im Vergleich zu damals hat sich nicht viel geändert: Es ging und geht um triviale monetäre Macht- und Besitzansprüche, die Manipulation der Menschen zum eigenen Vorteil, sie in Abhängigkeiten, z. B. von der Pharma-Industrie, zu halten, und um Kontrolle über das Leben selbst auszuüben.

Historische Ereignisse wie Pest- und Choleraausbrüche werden analysiert und auf ihren Wahrheitsgehalt hin überprüft. Auch die Entstehungsgeschichte des „Impfens“ und worauf der Glaube an eine Wirksamkeit beruht, kommen detailliert zur Sprache.

Seit wann wurden Krankheitsbilder und Symptome definiert und dokumentiert und warum gab es früher keine „Zivilisationskrankheiten“? Wie kann es sein, dass nicht alle Menschen an ein und demselben „Erreger“ erkranken und welche Rolle spielen die unsachgemäße Handhabung von Giftstoffen und das natürliche Immunsystem?

Dr. Gerd Reuther und seine Frau Dr. phil. Renate Reuther, Historikerin und Anglistin, haben alle diese medizinhistorischen Erkenntnisse und Ereignisse in einem Buch mit dem Titel „Hauptsache Panik“ kompakt auf 150 Seiten zusammengefasst, das trotz des geschichtlichen Schwerpunkts aktueller denn je ist. Denn nur wer die Vergangenheit kennt, kann die Gegenwart gestalten und die Zukunft verändern.

Hauptsache Panik – Reuther, Gerd – Engelsdorfer Verlag

Medical History Shows, Vaccines Never Did Anything But Harm

In this episode of ICIC, Dr Reiner Fuellmich talks to Dr Gerd Reuther, medical doctor and radiologist, about the historical background of medicine and the genesis of diseases and epidemics over the centuries, from the pre-Christian era to the present day. He points out numerous connections and parallels to so-called pandemics of antiquity and current events, i.e. the „Corona pandemic“. The criers of these „pandemics“ have always used the same methods earlier and to this day: the creation of fear and panic.

It sheds light on the role of the Church and its representatives and how far their powerful arm has reached in science, research as well as medicine at all times. These areas were entirely under the control of the Church, and even today these exercises of power continue. One could call this behaviour opportunistic, since throughout history the Church has always turned to those who were in power. It is currently showing this pattern again, namely when it unhesitatingly fired up the Covid vaccination propaganda. Compared to then, not much has changed: It was and is about trivial monetary claims to power and ownership, manipulating people for their own benefit, keeping them in dependencies, e.g. on the pharmaceutical industry, and exerting control over life itself.

Historical events such as outbreaks of plague and cholera are analysed and examined for their truthfulness. The history of the origin of „vaccination“ and what the belief in its effectiveness is based on are also discussed in detail.

Since when have disease patterns and symptoms been defined and documented, and why were there no „civilisation diseases“ in the past? How can it be that not all people fall ill with one and the same „pathogen“ and what role do the improper handling of toxins and the natural immune system play?

Dr Gerd Reuther and his wife Dr phil. Renate Reuther, historian and English specialist, have summarised all these medical-historical findings and events compactly on 150 pages in a book entitled „Hauptsache Panik“ (Panic is the main thing), which, despite its historical focus, is more up-to-date than ever. For only those who know the past can shape the present and change the future.


Three giants, three legends who work and strive for the greater good and TRUTH ON THIS PLANET. In this conversation you will get to catch up on their life’s work, the truth of the destruction and genocide of the leptards who run this planet and their failings. Come settle in and listen to the news of people, doctors who dedicated their lives for YOU on YOUR planet to ensure that YOU will have your FREEDOM.

The Third Reich Never Died – Sweden Under Review

interviews Dr. Reiner Fuellmich & Emil Borg

Und, ausnahmsweise…“

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