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The Ancient Ones – DOCUMENTARY – [8 Hour BOXSET]

Our story starts with the arrival of the Gods on Earth – the people we know historically as the Proto-Sumerians. It is not precisely known when these ancestors of ours came here or why. It is surmised that they arrived here quite some time before the worldwide Deluge, this is long long before recorded history. The arrival of these „gods,“ and their incredibly long reigns is reported in their descendant’s records, the Sumerians. These records are written on thousands of cuneiform tablets.

Discoveries That No One Can Fully Explain

Baffling Ancient Mysteries DOCUMENTARY 2021

How Can we explain these discoveries? They prove the ancient knew about technology that we were told they knew nothing about! While the modern world has made great progress science, all of these achievements had already been done long ago. Advanced metal forging, futuristic science, electricity, aircraft, space travel, robots, computers, antigravity, and more all existed in the distant past all existed thousands of years ago.

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