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When Truth Deniers go to Therapy – Awaken with JP

A Man Cooked Chicken In Nighttime Flu Medicine. This Is What Happened To His Liver. – Dr. Bernard

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How James Webb Broke Cosmology In Just 2 Months – The Secrets of the Universe

The James Webb Space Telescope is an infrared observatory that can peer at those regions of the cosmos that even Hubble could not. Webb’s long-awaited first year of science observations, known as cycle 1, began by mid-2022. Two of its Cycle 1 programs spent dozens of hours looking for distant galaxies in the early Universe by staring at separate small portions of the sky.

Astronomers did not expect anything remarkable. They thought they would get a refined version of the Hubble Deep Field from these two short-period Cycle 1 programs. Instead, to their surprise, such galaxies sprung into view immediately. Astronomers began spotting galaxies that must have existed in the first 200 million years of the big bang. The researchers were excited because Webb suddenly opened the windows to the last significant unexplored era in the history of the Universe.

However, those galaxies were not like what we had expected. Instead, they were exceptionally bright with a stellar mass of billions of solar masses. Such giant evolved galaxies defy the expectations set by our standard model of the Universe’s evolution. So, where did we go wrong in our models? How can we explain the new extragalactic observations made by the James Webb Space Telescope? Finally, and most importantly, do these observations mean the Big Bang theory is wrong?

The 26th episode of the Sunday Discovery Series answers all these questions in detail.

All Episodes Of The Series: https://bit.ly/369kG4p


There are few bodies of work, animation or otherwise, as heady and dreamlike as that of the Quay brothers. Identical twins born in Pennsylvania in 1947, the brothers studied in London at the Royal College of Art before embarking on a cinematic career making short films in the late 1970s. Influenced by an unusual group of figures – including filmmakers Walerian Borowczyk and Jan Švankmajer as well as such writers as Franz Kafka and Bruno Schulz – the brothers defined an uncanny form of mixed live-action and animation film, amalgamating psychology, surrealism and a very particular flavour of mitteleuropean design.

Walerian Borowczyk

Faced with a huge body of fragmentary short films but just two feature films, the catalogue of the Brothers Quay seems a daunting prospect at first – rather like figuring out where to begin with the work of a short story writer. Added to this is the brothers’ prolific work as designers and animators in a range of other forms, including music videos, adverts and set design. Their fingerprints are recognisable in the most unlikely of locations.

There’s also the fact that their style has been regularly mimicked. Though they worked on several music videos themselves (including as animators on Stephen R. Johnson’s 1986 video for Peter Gabriel’s ‘Sledgehammer’ and videos in their own right for Michael Penn, Sparklehorse and others), their names have been falsely attributed to other animated videos influenced by their style.

The Quay brothers, however, are unique, tapping into a sense of early 20th-century Europe that is a place of dusty nightmares, folkloric paraphernalia and crumbling institutes filled with the dispossessed.

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