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Factory Farms + The Amazon + Ghislaine Maxwell

The meat industry faked a meat shortage earlier this year to justify keeping their factories open throughout the pandemic. This act put their workers at risk on multiple levels.

Paul Paz y Miña, the Director of Amazon Watch, spoke with Lee to update a case that’s playing out in Ecuador. Chevron merged with Texaco after Texaco purposefully poisoned the land and people of the Ecuadorean Amazon while sacking oil resources. Chevron then fought a court ruling finding them liable for the damages caused by Texaco and they’ve managed to use judicial corruption to get the prosecuting lawyer, Steven Donziger, put under house arrest. Paz y Miña explains the situation and how you can help get Chevron to clean up the mess Texaco profited from.
Naomi Karavani covers the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, her ocean ecosystem philanthropy, what she’s being prosecuted for, and how the notorious lawyer Alan Dershowitz feels about all of this. Anders Lee looks back at the true roots of the US national anthem.

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