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The English Corner – David Icke, Dr. Richard Fleming, Redacted Tonight, Deepest Dark (Doku), DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH, Rupert Sheldrake… (engl.)

The Study For Truth – David Icke

Who Controls The Money? – David Icke

If You Support Vaccine Mandates, You Are A Fascist (And An Idiot) – David Icke Dot-Connector


After releasing a 32-minute detailed presentation documenting his shocking findings when analyzing the Pfizer COVID vaccine, Dr. Richard Fleming of joins The Alex Jones Show to call for action to stop injecting the population.

Watch Dr. Fleming’s report „Medical Bombshell: Pfizer Vax Attacks Human Blood Creating Clots Under Microscope“ here:

The CIA Uses Vampires & FBI Versus MLK – Gov’t Secrets Ep. 60

Graham Elwood & Lee dive back into how the CIA used vampires & the FBI’s harassment of Martin Luther King Jr.


Compiled information and footage exposing elite child sex trafficking, satanic rituals, cannibalism, Hollywood slaves, dark cabal, pedophilia, sacrifice, torture, child abuse, royal conspiracies, human hunting, illuminati hierarchy, entertainment industry, deep state, planned parenthood, Vatican cults, etc …

REAL WARNING !! – This Documentary contains footage and concepts wich are highly disturbing and very graphic.


„SHAMEFUL COLLUSION“: Dr. Peter McCullough Speaks Out On Medical Misconduct & Says Vaccines Not Safe

The Big Questions in Science Q&A with Rupert Sheldrake

In the lead up to the upcoming online course, The Big Questions In Science, Advaya founders sit down with Dr Rupert Sheldrake to discuss why science must be set free from materialism and certain long-held assumptions that have now hardened into dogmas.
According to Rupert, the biggest scientific delusion of all is that science already knows the answers. The details still need working out, but the fundamental questions are settled, in principle. Contemporary science is based on the claim that all reality is material or physical. There is no reality but material reality. Consciousness is a by-product of the physical activity of the brain. Matter is unconscious. Evolution is purposeless. God exists only as an idea in human minds, and hence in human heads.

These beliefs are powerful not because most scientists think about them critically, but because they do not. The facts of science are real enough, and so are the techniques that scientists use, and so are the technologies based on them. But the belief system that governs conventional scientific thinking is an act of faith, grounded in a 19th-century ideology.

Right Now – Gareth Icke Talks To InfoWars Alex Jones & Chris Thrall Of The Global Veterans Alliance

Info Wars host Alex Jones joins Gareth Icke this week to talk about the resistance movement in the USA, alongside the impact of South West Airlines and a much needed message of hope.

Why Are You Awake When So Many Aren’t?

Those in control desperately want us all vaxxed as soon as possible. Why is this? And why are you awake to the agenda, while so many choose to be asleep? There are five major points awake people understand that asleep people do not. Here they are.

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