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ICIC 25 – Zusammenfassung mit Reiner Fuellmich 04.06.23 + Crimes Against Humanity Trials Begin in New Zealand + Alkaline Nutrition as a remedy (Englisch)



ICIC 25 – Zusammenfassung mit Reiner Fuellmich 04.06.23


Crimes Against Humanity Trials Begin in New Zealand! – Maria Zeee

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich joins Maria Zeee to announce the groundbreaking news that Crimes Against Humanity trials are scheduled to begin in New Zealand through the truly independent Maori people.

Alkaline Nutrition as a remedy

In this episode of ICIC, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich engages literally in a life and death conversation, full of explosive revelations and hopeful health information with medical experts Dr. Ariyana Love, homeopath, naturopath, and Dr. Robert Young, microbiologist, nutritionist, specializing in alkaline nutrition.

They explain in detail the machinations and long-standing preparations of a perfidious alliance of self-proclaimed global financial elites who feel called upon to socially and medically control the entire world population. For this purpose, they use psychological methods and tactics to make people compliant. They are not afraid to use life-threatening techniques like 5G or mRNA injections disguised as saving „vaccinations“, not even to imprison, deprive of human rights and disempower the whole world population. Are these people just expanding and spreading their now refined bio-weapons all over the planet? Why are there different batches of Covid injections that have different effects, and why do they want to reduce the world’s population by these inhumane means?

How can we protect ourselves and our families from these attacks on ourselves and human life itself? Can we (regain) our autonomy over our lives and especially over our bodies and our health? What can help our natural immune system, this marvel of an obviously intelligent Creator, to fight even „incurable“ diseases, to return to its natural function? What is the role of our daily food and our diet in general? And is it really possible to eliminate the dangerous side effects of the toxic Covid injections and reverse the damage?

This interview gives us reason for hope. Anything is possible if we know the right ways and means to apply the helpful tools that nature offers us. Let us never give up hope! Because without food we survive four weeks, without water four days, without oxygen four minutes, without hope our lives are mortally imperiled..


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