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Amazing Polly – Wie Krankenhäuser uns umbringen – Teil 1+2 + Keiner mag dich, Klaus (Deutsches Voiceover)

Wie Krankenhäuser uns umbringen

deutsche Übersetzung: Benji & Brittsche
Voice-over: Brittsche —>
Pollys Originalvideo vom 17.09.2021:

Durch die Einführung der Intensivstationen und der Intensivpflegeabteilung sind die Krankenhäuser von kalten, kalkulierenden Technikern unterwandert worden, die sich nicht um den individuellen Patienten kümmern.
Inhalt Teil 1:

  • Pollys Abrechnung mit Dr. Michael Warner, „vertrauenswürdige Stimme“ der Pandemie in Kanada
  • Was ist ein Intensivmediziner und wie haben sie die Krankenhäuser ruiniert?
  • Die Geschichte der Intensivpflege – einige zwielichtige Gestalten tauchen im Gefolge des Zweiten Weltkriegs auf.

Warner Covid: Crescent School 2020:

Warner Pity and Fear:
Warner Ask the Doc / Tesla:
Canuck Law:
VIDEO Whos in Charge in the UCU:
VIDEO: What’s an Intensivist:
Peter Safar: Surviving the Nazis and starting Over:
Max Harry Weil Obituary, NYT:
Max Weil Papers:
Annals of the ATS: Intensive Care Outcomes:



Inhalt Teil 2:
Wer profitiert davon? Wer hat die Einstellung von Intensivmedizinern in Tausenden von Krankenhäusern erzwungen? Ist dies Teil einer dunkleren Agenda der Bevölkerungskontrolle und Eugenik?

Amazing Polly Video (deutsch) – BOOM! Ratet mal, wer das Sagen hat, wenn es um Menschenversuche geht:

Scoring System for Comparison of Disease Severity in ICU patients:
Clinical Review: Scoring System in the Critically Ill:
Association Between Critical Care Physician Management and Patient Mortality in the ICU:
Hospitals Face Pressure to Cut Mistakes, Herald-Palladium, Apr 2 2002:
Leapfrog Extorts Texas Hospital:


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Keiner mag dich, Klaus

Polly fühlt unserem wef Klausi auf den Zahn wie nur sie es kann.
Voice over hat @brittsche souverän erledigt

The English Corner – David Icke, Lee Camp, Alex Jones, Amating Polly etc. (Englisch)

Redacted Tonight – Shock Update!

The DNC’s case for Russiagate was centered on unverified, and now debunked, claims from an IT contractor called “Crowdstrike” that was paid to make us to think that the DNC’s emails were hacked by Russia. This narrative went the same way as the Steele Dossier and other laughable excuses for Hillary Clinton getting beaten by Donald Trump. Lee Camp takes a victory lap this week as the final pillar of the Russiagate conspiracy theory crumbles. Crowdstrike’s claims fell apart in court but I’m sure the Democrats aren’t going to change their electoral strategies.

David Icke: The Reptilian Agenda is Becoming More AcceptedThe number of people who are opening their minds to other possibilities is growing.

David Icke reflects on how many people are receptive to new information compared to just a few years ago, including the subject of reptilians. Catch the full interview for free now on

Right Now – Gareth Icke Talks To David Icke & Jaymie About How Conspiracy Theories Are Now Fact

David Icke Vs The Street MD

David Icke Talks To Leila Melki – The Truth About ‚Covid‘

David Icke in 2020 – Woke and the Climate Change Hoax – David Icke Dot-Connector

Emergency Broadcast! Indictment Of Russia Gate Conspirators Could Bring Down The Entire Deep State

A vindicated Roger Stone joins Alex Jones to issue a dire warning to America.

This is a wide-ranging, must-see, Saturday special report! Watch and share with everyone you know!

Alex Jones – Infowars – UN Climate Agenda Is Nothing Less Than A Global Depopulation Program – FULL SHOW 11/02/21

A transhumanist cult, hellbent on reducing the human population of earth to 500 million, has been preparing for 70 years to launch their final war against the free peoples of Earth! Patriot firebrand and syndicated talkshow host Wayne Allyn Root will join Alex Jones to discuss the global awakening as well as the New World Order’s agenda and how to stop it!

Judge Andrew Napolitano Returns to The Alex Jones Show and Kicks Ass!

Judge Andrew Napolitano of joins The Alex Jones Show to break down how the Dems shifting farther left is the reason they are losing their appeal with the American people.

Top Scientists Warn Against COVID Jab as Patients with ADE Symptoms Fill Hospitals

Alex Jones breaks down the hospitals filling with patients suffering from symptoms associated with ADE while world leaders scramble to find out why. Meanwhile, top scientists have been warning of this very scenario after widespread COVID injections.

Amazing Polly – Facebook Meta – Is Virtual Reality a Soul Trap?


Targeted BioWeapons: Russian Roulette Vials, Death by Lot Number, Whole Family Dies After Vax

Tim Truth – UK’s ONLINE HARMS Draft Legislation Is A CENSORSHIP Nightmare: They Want To Shut Us Up!


Lucifer and Luciferians, Masters of Deception
Why they do what they do!!……
By: Chuck Swindoll

This video helps you see the world through the eyes of these brain damaged sadistic scum…
No matter what you believe it helps connect the dots and understand what the motive is…
Estimated 30 Million people in the United States alone partake in these practices, some you will hear from in the comments..
Those who scream the loudest….

This video also contains info that is directly related to current events…people who see will know… Who truly rules this planet? Luciferians are in charge of trauma. This is 37 minutes long and well worth the watch to inner stand how we all have been manipulated into their world of trauma.

Morphic Resonance After Forty Years

Dr Rupert Sheldrake, PhD, is a biologist and author best known for his hypothesis of morphic resonance. At Cambridge University he worked in developmental biology as a Fellow of Clare College. He was Principal Plant Physiologist at the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics and From 2005 to 2010 was Director of the Perrott-Warrick project, Cambridge.

Beyond its global significance, the solstice is also an important personal anniversary. My first book “A New Science of Life” was published on June 21, 1981, forty years ago, in which I proposed the hypothesis of morphic resonance, the idea that memory is inherent in nature. I recently gave this talk to the Institute of Noetic Science and the British Scientific and Medical Network. The book itself is available in the third updated edition.

The Vaccine Injured – Numbers Are Skyrocketing

I hope you all are mentally prepared for what is to come. It’s hard to face the increase in suffering now, coupled with the decrease in humanity, but it really is going to get a lot worse, and it will get harder and harder to find time outs, especially as it comes closer to each one of our doors.

Amazing Polly vom 16.08.2021 – Sie treiben in die Zerstörung (und wir können es beschleunigen) (Deutsche Übersetzung)

Amazing Polly vom 04.08.2021 – Glückliche Sklaven machen (German Overvoice)

Übersetzung & Voice-over: Brittsche

Polly zieht weitere Fäden aus ihrem letzten Video über die Quandt`s. Sie vermissen die Zeit der Sklavenarbeit, denkt Polly. In diesem Video spricht sie über die mit den Quandt`s verbundenen Sklaven nutzenden Nazikonzerne und ihren Einfluss auf die heutige Welt – den Great Reset, nachhaltige Entwicklung, finanzierte Wissenschaft, Menschenversuche in Krankenhäusern und Forschungszentren und mehr.

Amazing Polly vom 21.06.2021 – Wetterkontrolle, Graphen im Gehirn… (German)

Wetterkontrolle, Graphen im Gehirn, Käfer-Eis (oh nein nein nein, das ist nicht wahr!)

🇩🇪 Übersetzung & Voice-over: Ignatia Intolerantia

Amazing Polly vom 20.06.2021 – (German)

Werden führende Politiker von der internationalen Gesundheitsmafia bedroht?

Amazing Polly – Was ist mit den Magneten? 17.06.2021 (German)

Amazing Polly – BOOM! Vax Passport Companys Horrifying History


Der große Betrug der „aufkommenden Krankheiten“ und seine Beziehung zu der Labor-Leck-Geschichte, Funktionserweiterung bei Viren. Polly berichtet über Peter Daszak, Fauci und andere in der globalen Gesundheitsarena. COVID vereint all diese Akteure und wird als Vorwand für die Nachhaltigkeitsziele der UN, sowie den Great Reset / Build Back Better verwendet.

Amazing Polly – Es geht hier nicht um einen Virus

Polly schreibt: „Ich höre immer wieder Leute frustriert aufschreien: „Das macht doch alles keinen Sinn!!“ … Nun, das hängt davon ab, wie man es betrachtet. Lasst es mich erklären…

Veutsche Übersetzung & Voice-over: Brittsche —

Pollys Originalvideo vom 11.05.2021:


Amazing Polly – Eine kleine Anzahl von Psychopathen kontrolliert die Gesellschaft

Polly reagiert auf Kommentare zu ihrem vorherigen Video und bespricht dann einen Abschnitt aus „Politische Ponerologie“: den übergroßen Einfluss von Psychopathen.


Deutsche Übersetzung & Voice-over: Brittsche —>
Pollys Originalvideo vom 20.04.2021:

<iframe id=“lbry-iframe“ width=“560″ height=“315″ src=“$/embed/Amazing-Polly-Eine-kleine-Anzahl-von-Psychopathen-kontrolliert-die-Gesellschaft/13456fd57d254319923f4fb0ae7e75183a905689?r=2qymAUuG66Wdi1R9SoSR4MxNDrXCK6y6″ allowfullscreen></iframe>



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