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Killer robots & ‚edited‘ humans | What’s next for future tech?

Numerous key technologies are set to further disrupt 2021, according to the Center for Innovating the Future which claims new tech is changing the very structure of business, industry, politics and society

World’s first cyborg explains prospects of merging human brain with AI

Augmenting the human body with technology has long ceased to be merely science fiction. But now talk turns to merging computers with the most sophisticated machine of our own – the human brain. Is this a crazy fantasy belonging to some enthusiasts, or a not-too-distant future? We talked about this with the world’s first cyborg, Kevin Warwick, professor of cybernetics at Coventry and Reading Universities.

Asia Times Webinar: Covid-19 mistakes and how to fix them with AI and Big Data

Dr. John Ioannidis, a leading scholar on data and the study of scientific research with a focus on clinical medicine, Covid-19 mistakes and how to fix them with AI and Big Data.

Hosted by Asia Times Editor Uwe Parpart and also featuring Dr. Jonathan Tennenbaum.

Geordie Rose von D-Wave warnt: Dämonen Tsunami (AI) kommt auf die Welt zu!

New A.I. Inserted In The Human Brain

Elon Musk recently unveiled a pig with a microchip brain implant. Lee Camp reviews the ways that Musk and his billionaire buddies could use this technology to surveil the public.

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