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Space Mix Series 079] Fluffy Dimension – A Trip To Your Inner Self

Fluffy Dimension is the Chillout Project from Doktor Fluffy. Music took always a very important role in his life. First he learned to play Drums and also how to play guitar.

In 2001 he experienced his first psytrance event and was directly hooked from that energy of that music and the freedom at this event. In the following years he was a regular guest at many party`s all over Europe. He got close with a group of people in Switzerland and they also started to create own small events.

At one of this party’s, in 2008, he also made his first steps as a Dj and again was directly hooked.
After that he started direct to create a own music collection with focus not only on style or bpm, instead on the energy and feelings that this music evokes in himself.

In his Chillout project he likes to mix all kinds of chilled music to create a special vibe and Atmosphere that is surprising and uplifting but still relaxed and smooth. He thinks music should move body & soul to get the best transcendental experience.

0:00:00 – Stratusphere – First Step
0:05:40 – Sasha Malkovich – Longlife
0:10:30 – Fala – Cultrual Dub
0:17:00 – Obzerv – Winter Night
0:21:20 – Jedidiah – Constellations
0:26:45 – Perfect Blind – March Of The Dragonflies
0:33:20 – Sasha Malkovich – Gravity (In Memory Of Noraus)
0:39:45 – Stratusphere – Beyond The Darkness
0:45:50 – Sasha Malkovich – Multidimensional Movements In Subspace
0:52:30 – Amritone – Gaping Hollow
0:57:30 – Kanc Cover – Sirius A
1:05:55 – Sasha Malkovich – Introvert’s Seduction
1:12:51- Taruna – Magic Earth Garden

Astropilot & Spacecraft – Possible Worlds [Full EP]

Astropilot & Spacecraft – Possible Worlds, released October 14, 2022 – Valley View Records. Possible Worlds is the gorgeous 4 track collaborative EP from Astropilot & Spacecraft. The Ep features 3 stunning ambient singles as well as a incredible remix from UK producer Applefish. Immersive ambient soundscapes make this perfect listen for those wanting to escape planet Earth and explore the cosmos.

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Unholy (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

Original by Sam Smith & Kim Petras

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Omnitone – Datum [Full EP]

Omnitone – Datum, released September 30, 2022, Psychedelic Jelly, PJ030
Psy Jelly is proud to present the debut EP from Omnitone. Emotive melodies are interwoven with punchy kicks and warm sub bass. We invite you to folow us on this journey through glitchy soundscapes and broken beats, as Omnitone weaves hypnotic precussion delicatley through each track. The beautiful sound design and intricate composition will leave you feeling uplifted and wanting to move your feet!
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Progressive Rock Mix by CCR – Volume 27 (Instrumental)

Yet another glorious instrumental mix by CCR!!! I think her volumes will be more than mine soon! Enjoy! All for one and One For The Vine!~Sebastian

Alpha Hypnotica – Shaktopaya [Full EP]

Alpha Hypnotica – Shaktopaya, released September 29, 2022, Merkaba Music.
This EP is a musical expression of the recent phase on our spiritual path. Shaktopaya (or Śāktopāya) is the middle stage on the way to eliberation, when the aspirant uses his mind and the energies (Shakti) to reach enlightenment. These compositions tell a story of a specific transcendental experience written intuitively into these notes. Unique arrangements try to describe the whole process of a journey: Starting from a meditative state getting slowly into Samadhi, then building up with immense intensity, reaching the peak of the bliss and coming down as a wondrous catharsis.

From the musical aspect it’s a special release for this young couple (Tomin & Emerencia) as this is the first EP ever of their project called Alpha Hypnotica. Intricate ideas and melodies here have been produced mostly with analog synths and acoustic instruments such as koshi or rainstick. Combining these with own-recorded sounds from nature and orchestral elements this unique deep and mystic atmosphere is created, which pervades all the recordings. Comprehensive textures and dynamic vertical energies indicate that understanding of the Universal Consciousness with the mind is nearly impossible.

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U S / S T A R S – I N – B R O A D – D A Y L I G H T

A wonderful release worth giving a listen. Enjoy! All for one and One For The Vine!~Sebastian

Whirlin‘ Merlin – Viva La Wobble [Full EP]

Whirlin‘ Merlin has been locked in his cave mixing gizmos and potions in the search for the perfect squelch. On his multidisciplinary sonic adventure he stumbled upon the sound, not heard since the days of the primordial soup, which first ignited the spark of love on planet Earth. If you’re good he has agreed to let you have a listen.

As a sonic sorcerer and long time student of dub he has combined dub techniques with psychedelic synthology to produce a rootsy, whilst also spacey, debut solo EP for you to float along to.

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Prog Rock Dock Premiere: October Thorns / Circle Game

Join us for a premiere of this fantastic progressive metal album by a very talented group. This band has been in and around the prog metal scene since the late nineties. This is a remaster of a demo for an album that had been in the works for some time. It is a deluxe edition with a few bonus tracks. I hope they will give us more of this in the future! All for one and One For The Vine!~Sebastian
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Drop It Like It´s Hot (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

Original by Snoop Dogg



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Spectrum Vision & Asten – Quazary [Full EP]

Spectrum Vision & Asten – Quazary, released on September 30, 2022, Astropilot Music, AMEP120
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Progressive Rock Mix by CCR – Volume 26

Organic Patterns – Biome

Organic Patterns – Biome, released October 2, 2022. 6 years ago I released my debut album Biome – an album I still hold very dear. I have, however, felt for quite some time that a remaster was due, and so I hereby introduce a 2022 edition. The process has been long and tiresome. Certain sounds and samples from the original album has been lost over time, and so I’ve had to re-sound design certain elements. Other sound design from the original was simply poorly designed and so I’ve recreated certain sounds for the sake of the mix. All in all it has been challenging as I’ve wished to keep the vibe of the original album. All things considered I’m pleased with the result.

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Gateway 721 – Secret Lifeforms

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Speed of Light (feat. INTeLL)

From Youtube to Rockstar (Tour 2022) – Frog Leap Studios

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Jana Draka / Arriving Somewhere But Not Here (Cover)

The band Jana Draka covers this wonderful Porcupine Tree song. Come and join the band in chat during a premiere next Friday October 14th at 12pm (noon) US Pacific time! Watch this channel for more info.

Ego On The Rocks – Acid In Wounderland

01 – 7 To 7 Or 999 To 99 Hope 00:00
02 – Un(All)Gemeine Bestьrzung 06:06
03 – Erected Error 11:04
04 – Mystik +1+9+8+0 15:23
05 – Asylum 20:17
06 – Hazard 25:10
07 – Godbluff 29:31
08 – Civilization Song 34:57
09 – Destroy The Gun 41:15
10 – Losers And Finders 46:24
11 – Another Saturday Night 52:26
12 – Civilization Song 55:06
13 – Once In Africa 58:50

Ego on the Rocks foi uma curta colaboração entre os membros de Eloy Detlev Schmidtchen (vocais, teclados, guitarra, baixo) e Jürgen Rosenthal (bateria, vocais), logo após a saída da lendária banda alemã Prog, „Acid in wounderland“ (1981), lançado no Jupiter Records. A banda sofre com o período de transição entre sons analógicos e sintéticos com O duo confundiu o ouvinte com sons naturais e de computador. Está em algum lugar entre Pink Floyd e Electronic Prog com fortes sugestões de uma papoula The Alan Parsons Project e ainda mais aparente New Wave-ish stylings, fortemente baseado em ritmos metronômicos.

Conspiracy Music Guru – Big Pharma – BANNED VIDEO (re-upload)

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If big pharma made a song, I think it would sound something like this!

This video was previously banned by YouTube, this re-upload has been edited to hide the parts that they deemed „Inappropriate content“.
To watch the full uncensored version please go to:…

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