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It Bites- Flag

Dave Sharman – Man

RPWL – I Don’t Know (What It’s Like)

Punishment Of Luxury – Obsession

UK – In the Dead of the Night

Rupert Hine – Samsara

Hawkwind – Assault and Battery/ The Golden Void

Pothead – The Magic Lantern

Docker’s Guild – Legion of Aliens

Liquid Tension Experiment – Biaxident

Transister – Wash Your Hands Before You Touch Me

Subway To Sally – Arche

Freur – Doot Doot

Richard Strange and the Engine Room – Damascus

Blue Oyster Cult – Last Day of May

Zombies, Viren, Klima und ein Meteor

Ein Ausblick auf den weiteren Verlauf des Jahres 2020

Pentangle – Let No Man Steal Your Thyme

Albion – Children’s Rhyme

New Model Army – Winter

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