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Doug Cameron – White Water

DJ Krush – Skin Against Skin

ARZ – To The Better Man

Docker’s Guild – Judeo-Christian Cosmogony

New Eden Orchestra – Ode to the Ex

Sounds From The Ground – Triangle

Shadow Gallery – The Queen of the City of Ice

Magadan – The Forest of Szczek

3 LIARS (Coronavirus Song)

Remember folks, REGARDLESS of what Boris The Bullshitter comes out with @ 8pm tonight, it’s JUST A COMMON COLD!

The only thing to fear is fear itself..

Lunatic Soul – Navvie

Nina Proll – Willkommen in der Demokratie

Alex Olivari – Durch den Sturm

(Ok, ich gebs zu, ein bisserl schnulzig)

Conspiracy Music Guru – I Told You So

Fonya – Sudden Shift

Herwig Mitteregger – Lass dir nix erzähln

Moola Meditation – Sudha, Maneesh De Moor

Musik in diesem Video
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Deborah Harry – End Of The Run

Scambo No 5 (Coronavirus Song) Featuring The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Scambo No 5 Dancing Doctors & Nurses

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