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Asia – The Last Time

Founded in London, UK in 1981 – Hiatus between 1986-1989 – Still active as of 2018

ASIA were formed by Steve HOWE (YES), John WETTON (KING CRIMSON, URIAH HEEP, UK ETC.), Geoff DOWNES (YES, BUGGLES) and Carl PALMER (ELP). They were of course immediately dubbed a „supergroup“ (in the way as CREAM, EMERSON LAKE AND PALMER etc. were). Over the years the line up has gone through constant changes, with DOWNES being the only founding member still present (although even he has not been ever present). Greg LAKE passed though the ranks briefly in 1983 replacing WETTON, but his voice did not suit the material, and he left before recording any studio albums with the band.

WETTON’s return in 1984 resurrected previous conflicts with HOWE, who left to be replaced by Mandy METER (KROKUS). ASIA effectively ceased to exist between 1985 and 1987, when DOWNES and WETTON attempted to rekindle the flame. They recorded a few tracks together, but WETTON soon moved on again, and DOWNES started working with John PAYNE on alternative projects. In 1989, WETTON and PALMER got back together forming yet another line up with John YOUNG and Alan DARBY. The line up changes continued into the 1990’s, with DOWNES soon rejoining and bringing in the since long serving John PAYNE. By 1991, the band still only released three studio albums. With the release of „Aqua“ in 1992, there started a relatively settled period for ASIA in as much as the band became very much a DOWNES/PAYNE project, with other musicians being brought in for recording or touring as required. A reunion of the original line up appears to have almost happened in the late 1990’s, but the momentum was lost, and it never materialised.

With such well known names in the original ASIA , expectations were high that the new band would produce high quality prog rock in it’s truest form. ASIA however had different ideas, and went for a far more direct and commercial sound. The quality of the musicianship was undoubted, but many fans of the source bands were left disappointed by the self titled debut album. Commercially, the venture was enormously successful, with the band enjoying both singles and album chart success. „Asia“ alone has sold over nine million copies world-wide.

The output from the band has been surprisingly consistent considering all the turmoil they have experienced. They have moved through AOR/melodic rock („Asia“, „Alpha“) through a more symphonic sound „Astra“, towards power metal („Aria“), verging on prog („Arena“) before arriving at „Aura“, while leaning towards their lighter style, neatly ties together many of the bands former directions. The 2004 album „Silent Nation“, breaks with tradition by moving away from the established practice of every album title starting and finishing with the letter A. At time of writing, it has yet to be released.

For those hearing ASIA as a new band, and those willing to put aside their preconceptions of what ASIA should be all about, there is much to enjoy on their albums. In terms of prog rock, the music is light-weight, with only occasion forays into slightly more complex song structures. The songs are generally short, but are of a very high quality, with a distinctive sound, and fine melodies.

: : : Bob McBeath, SCOTLAND (with due acknowledgement to the official ASIA website) : : :

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Liquid Crystal – Illusions And Dreams [Full Album]

Liquid Crystal Illusions And Dreams, released May 31, 2017, Mystic Sound Records
Mystic Sound Records presents the full-length album of the Russian producer Liquid Crystal (Alexander Shilov) – “Illusions And Dreams”.

The dozen of wonderful tracks lag you away in a good story. Dubby bass and bright guitar chords add sunny mood to the music. The album absorbed such styles of downtempo as psychill, psybass and psybient.

Summer carelessness permeates the album “Illusions And Dreams” and fills your mind with a bright thoughts, causing beautiful dreams. Every minute of your day will be more happy and joyful with this amazing music.

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Reinhard Mey – Sei wachsam

Vataff Project – Solьmen [Full Album]

Vataff Project – Solьmen, released January 23, 2017 – Fusion Embassy.
Solьmen is the 5th album by Vataff Project. Written and produced by Victor Marinov at „Port One“ studio, Rodopa Mountain, Bulgaria, 2016

The following musicians appear on the album :
Anton Karadimchev – vocals, guitar
Veselin Mitev – duduk
Rossen Zahariev – flugelhorn

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Vacation (original by Leo Moracchioli)

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DANKE – Der Akupunkteur

Nach 2 1/2 Jahren ist es an der Zeit, einmal Danke zu sagen.





Hier gibt es den Song als MP3:
Und hier den Text:

Wenn Dir meine Musik gefällt und Du meine Arbeit unterstützen möchtest, freue ich mich über eine kleine finanzielle Zuwendung als Wertschätzung meiner Arbeit.

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Danke für Deine Unterstützung.
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Songs Audio:


Bei dem Kanal „Der Akupunkteur“ handelt es sich um Satire
gemäß Art. 5 III1 GG, Kunst- und Wissenschaftsfreiheit.

Copyright: Der Akupunkteur – Studio 3C


ONYX FT FRAGMENTS – WAVES 2.0, released June 12, 2022 – Permafrost Visual Music.
Permafrost Visual Music is pleased to present this second episode of Waves. Deep basses, enveloping atmospheres with a certain freshness make up the 5 songs that Onyx and Fragments of the Universe share with us. Enjoy this second installment of powerful downtempo beats.

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Anthony Sommer – Meditationsmusik

Running Up That Hill (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

Original by Kate Bush

Tommy Bolin – Limits

Tommy Bolin (August 1, 1951 – December 4, 1976) was an American guitarist and songwriter who played with Zephyr (from 1969 to 1971), James Gang (from 1973 through 1974), and Deep Purple (from 1975 to 1976), in addition to maintaining a notable career as a solo artist and session musician. Much of his discography was either unreleased at the time of recording, or had gone out of print and was not released again until years after his death by drug overdose at age 25.

US rock and fusion guitarist
Born : August 01, 1951 // Sioux City, IA, United States
Died : December 04, 1976 // Miami, FL, United States

Nebulon – Across The Solar Tides [Full Album]



Nebulon – Across The Solar Tides, released August 12, 2020 – Prometheus Studio. Third album by Nebulon, „Across The Solar Tides“ continues the story on previous releases, and further explores the space/retrosynth ambient landscapes with the inspiration brought by Vangelis and Tangerine Dream in the 80’s ambient/electronic scene. The album puts heavy emphasis on oscillators, arpeggiators and analogue synths from the times when electronic ambient music made its first marks upon the world.

„The Ark descended upon Magnus Cerebri, a self-conscious planet that holds great mysteries of the Universe, and was subsequently destroyed within the planet’s core. But, the crew was kept alive by the unknown planetary EM forces, and was given a new vessel – gigantic interstellar ship called ‚Phaethon‘. It was revealed that another piece of the puzzle to the ultimate nature of Cosmos lies far beyond, across the vast, deep space and into another Galaxy. The ship (obviously made by a very advanced, mysterious technology that blends biological matter with quantum electronics) was a gift to humans from the planet – if they accept the mission. Instructed by the planetary consciousness, the crew travels through the wormhole inside the planet, which will bring them through the local star. With the help of the solar tides, they will travel across the universe and back in time, into a Galaxy that lies at the edge of the known space. There, at the beginning of time itself, when thousands of Suns were being born, the secret awaits.


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First published at on May 7th, 2021.
Auf dem Musikkanal:
Ein schon etwas älteres Musik-Video von mir…
…ist das im übertragenen Sinne immer noch aktuell ??
Hat sich grundlegend etwas verändert??
Eure Meinung ist mir wichtig!
Daher kommentiert bitte und verbreitet das Video, wenn es Euch gefällt. ❤️

Eden – Erwartung

Founded in Eininghausen, Germany in 1977 – Disbanded in 1981

German outfit EDEN was founded in 1977, when three members of the „Freie christliche Jugendgemeinschaft“ decided to form a band; one of the first christian progressive rock bands in Germany.

In the 5 years the band existed they were an active recording and live unit; with a plethora of people involved in the recording of the three albums they released.

The debut album „Erwartung“ was issued in 1978, and the sophomore effort „Perelandra“; based on C. S. Lewis christian science fiction novel of the same name, was issued in 1980.

The third and last creation of Eden was their 1981 production „Heimkehr“; and in December the same year the band gave it’s last public appearance.

A multitude of musicians was involved in Eden prior to folding, and the core members that were involved in all their recorded material were Michael Claren (bass, vocals, guitar), Anne Dierks (vocals), Michael Dierks (keyboards, vocals), Hans Fritzsch (guitars), Hans Müller (drums, percussion), Annette Schmalenbach (vocals), Dirk Schmalenbach (violin, acoustic guitar, sitar, keyboards percussion, vocals).

Dirk Smalenbach would later reappear in the one-off project YAVANNA , who released an album in 1984.

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Bryson Gray – Hunter’s iPhone getting HACKED

Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Peter Gunn

Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP) were an English progressive rock supergroup formed in London in April 1970. The band consisted of Keith Emerson (keyboards), Greg Lake (vocals, bass, guitar and producer) and Carl Palmer (drums and percussion). With nine RIAA-certified gold record albums in the US, and an estimated 48 million records sold worldwide, they were one of the most popular and commercially successful progressive rock bands in the 1970s, with a musical sound including adaptations of classical music with jazz and symphonic rock elements, dominated by Emerson’s flamboyant use of the Hammond organ, Moog synthesizer, and piano (although Lake wrote several acoustic songs for the group).

The band came to prominence following their performance at the Isle of Wight Festival in August 1970. In their first year, the group signed with E.G. Records (who distributed the band’s records through Island Records in the United Kingdom, and Atlantic Records in North America), and released Emerson, Lake & Palmer (1970) and Tarkus (1971), both of which reached the UK top five. The band’s success continued with Pictures at an Exhibition (1971), Trilogy (1972), and Brain Salad Surgery (1973, released on ELP’s own Manticore Records label). After a three-year break, Emerson, Lake & Palmer released Works Volume 1 (1977) and Works Volume 2 (1977). After Love Beach (1978), the group disbanded in 1979.

The band reformed partially in the 1980s as Emerson, Lake & Powell featuring Cozy Powell in place of Palmer, who was by then, a member of Asia. Robert Berry then replaced Lake while Palmer returned, forming 3. In 1991, the original trio reformed and released two more albums, Black Moon (1992) and In the Hot Seat (1994), and toured at various times between 1992 and 1998. Their final performance took place in 2010 at the High Voltage Festival in London to commemorate the band’s 40th anniversary. Both Emerson and Lake died in 2016, leaving Palmer as the only surviving member of the band.

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Ed Wynne & Gre Vanderloo – Infinity Curtains (Official Video)

Here is the official video for
‘Infinity Curtains’’ from Tumbling Through the Floativerse, by Ozric Tentacles’s founding member, Ed Wynne ft Gre Vanderloo.

Enter the Floativerse this summer with Ed Wynne’s new solo album ‚Tumbling Through the Floativerse‘, out now on Blue LP, Black LP, CD and Digital via Kscope.


Nobby, the Bluesman – Winter in Deutschland (Originalsong)

Impressionen aus dem Winter, als sich in Deutschland die Welt veränderte. Mit Grüßen an Heinrich Heine …


„Frieren für den Frieden“ – Corona Bavaria (Offizielles Video) Ohne Gas kein Spaß! :)

„Wo man singt, da lass dich nieder – böse Menschen haben keine Lieder!“

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