ICIC Cathy O’Brien: Healing

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Cathy O’Brien: Healing

Cathy O’Brien, US Government Whistleblower on the Subject of MK Ultra Mind Control, a secret CIA program

In this episode of the ICIC, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and co-host Dagmar Schoen, Attorney at Law, once again speak with Cathy O‘ Brien, a survivor of the Mind Control program in which she was involved and purposefully traumatized by her family from an early age. As a result of these ordeals suffered, Cathy O‘ Brien has a wealth of experiential knowledge as well as deep insider knowledge that she speaks openly about. She was able to work through these traumas and has found her mission in helping victims and making society aware of these abuses that are taking place in great numbers (such as in (ritual) child abuse and human trafficking), and in bringing these crimes as well as the perpetrators and their perfidious goals, to the fore.

She explains why a traumatized society is the easiest to indoctrinate and control, and that such programs are used much more often and more purposefully than we „normal“ people can imagine. This happens every day, even to us, and through all social classes. Especially in so-called „elite“ circles, such trauma programs are frequently used and reach far into the highest government circles and even to the top of governments.

Cathy O‘ Brien does not shy away from naming names and revealing what is going on in the background, affecting today’s socio-political situation worldwide. She reveals the connections between the targeted „mind-control“ programs to traumatize societies, and the global agenda of self-appointed „elites“ to restructure and control humanity.

Who is pulling the strings of this inhumane agenda behind the scenes and which cards have not yet been drawn? Why are those behind it targeting children in particular? Cathy O‘ Brien offers encouragement, advice and guidance to help victims.

She demonstrates that there is always a way out of trauma if you are willing to face the truth, see and (re)discover your own power. We can only win this war against humanity if we acknowledge what is actually happening and stop participating.

Cathy O’Brien has written down her experiences in her book “The TranceFormation of America”, which resulted out of her Congressional hearing in 1995, published by Reality Marketing, ISBN-10: 0966016548, ISBN-13: 978-0966016543.

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