Thundergate – Between The Light [FULL EP]

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Thundergate – Between The Light, released September 15 2023, Liquid Sound Design.

Consisting of two captivating tracks, “Between the Light” invites listeners on a transformative journey through the mysteriously alluring landscapes of the psyche. Through a meticulous fusion of synthetic and organic elements, this experimental EP encapsulates a profound exploration that transcends boundaries. „Between the Light“ and „The Birdhouse“ harness the power of sound to transport listeners to imaginative realms where landscapes come alive, and emotions intertwine in a symphony of electronic splendour.

Thundergate is a multimedia project by sonic explorer Fletcher Fathoms and world-renown mask designer Steven Wintercroft. Creation of immersive audio-visual experiences are intended to connect and merge boundaries between worlds both real and unreal. Thundergate is built with blurred edges at which music, art and narrative become bridges or gateways, momentary windows to an alternative world.

00:00:00 | Between The Light
00:05:00 | The Birdhouse



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