ICIC – David Icke: Connecting the Dots Part 1 (E) + Jason Christoff – Wie man Mind Control entlarvt (D) + + Paul Craig Roberts: What Was Once Integrity (E)

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David Icke: Connecting the Dots to See the Real Dangers – Part 1

In this first of two parts of ICIC’s interview, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and co-host attorney Dagmar Schoen talk with British veteran of the alternative media scene David Icke. He is an author, researcher and investigative journalist. Reiner Fuellmich and Dagmar Schoen question him about his personal awakening process and the beginning of his involvement with the other side of the story, the real side, that initially turned his world upside down. He recounts his startling experiences that, ultimately, broadened his horizon and understanding of reality, as opposed to the mainstream’s narrative. These processes led him to leave his old life behind, defying all reprisals, and to dedicate his life to the uncovering of hidden knowledge and truths, beyond the fabricated “reality” we have been fed.

Icke describes in detail the structure and the far-reaching entanglements of a pyramidal organizational structure designed by a small, but very well-organized conglomerate. This conglomerate was, indeed, able to infiltrate almost all areas of our social structures over many years by installing stooges in politics, business, NGOs, etc. Those who pull the strings, who act in secret, have positioned themselves like a spider in the center of this network, so that they have everything under surveillance. They must maintain their position of power at all costs in order to survive at the expense of humanity – which is waking up to this reality ever faster.

David Icke addresses issues that at first glance seem to have nothing to do with each other, explaining the entanglements and then connecting the dots so that an overall picture emerges of the great deception to which we have been and are being subjected. None of this is an accident, as the last three and a half years have shown us.

The connections are becoming clearer and clearer, revealing that this inhumane agenda is aimed at total control of humanity, combined with dehumanization through technocracy to replace anything human, indeed, creation as a whole. David Icke’s work reveals the workings of a persistent and perfidious psychological terror that is being deliberately used against us.

If we realize that we as humanity are vastly superior to this inhumane conglomerate, that it is dependent on us and can only survive through our energy and creative power, then this exploitation and deception will cease immediately. For this, the determined refusal to participate on our part is sufficient. We need only communicate this to these creatures by using the powerful word “No!” And we must understand that we are now at a point in time that even our legal systems analyze as a situation of self-defense.



Jason Christoff – Wie man Mind Control entlarvt

Jason Christoff leitet ein internationales Institut für psychologische Umprogrammierung. Die Absolventen werden darin ausgebildet Gedanken- und Verhaltenskontrolle, Gehirnwäsche und psychologische Manipulation zu erkennen. Jason ist überzeugt, dass der gesellschaftliche Niedergang, den wir heute in unserer Welt feststellen, nur möglich wurde, weil die Entscheidungsträger in unseren Gesellschaften diese manipulative Psychologie gegen den Großteil der Menschheit einsetzen. Wenn wir die nächsten Jahre überleben und glücklich sein wollen, müssen alle Menschen lernen, diese Mechanismen zu verstehen, um sich selbst vor psychologischen Manipulationen schützen zu können.

Diese Folge von ICIC, in der Dr. Reiner Füllmich und Co-Moderatorin Rechtsanwältin Dagmar Schön ein detailliertes Gespräch mit Jason Christoff, Gesundheitscoach, Selbstsabotage-Experte und Propagandaforscher, führen, ist jetzt auch für deutschsprachige Zuschauer vertont verfügbar. Die brisanten Informationen über Bewusstseinskontrolle sind für das Verständnis dessen, was mit uns und der Welt geschieht, immens wichtig und nützlich für den Selbstschutz und den Schutz unserer Familien und Kinder.

Jason Christoff präsentiert Daten und Fakten über die medizinischen und historischen Hintergründe sowie über die Funktionsweisen der psychologischen Manipulations- und Traumatisierungstechniken zur totalen Gedankenkontrolle, auch „Mind Control“ genannt, die er mit Schaubildern, Beispielen und Dokumentationen unterlegt. Christoff berichtet über „MK-Ultra- Methoden“ wie das „Monarch“-Programm, einer gewalttätigen Umprogrammierungstechnik, und die Anwendungsgebiete solcher Techniken, durch die übergriffig Einfluss auf unser Denken, unsere Wahrnehmung und somit auf unser Leben genommen wird.

Er beschreibt die Anwendungsarten dieser bereits seit sehr langer Zeit bekannten Techniken und wie sie von gewissenlosen Psychopathen und machtgierigen, selbst ernannten „Eliten“ ständig als Mittel benutzt werden, um die Massen zu hypnotisieren, zu manipulieren und sie mittels dieser perfiden und wirkungsvollen Kontrolltechniken zu willfährigen und gefügigen Handlangern und hörigen Untertanen zu machen. So werden Menschen durch Konformitätszwänge, Gruppendruck und Angst vor sozialer Distanzierung sogar dazu gebracht, schlimmste Taten gegen ihre Mitmenschen zu verüben – etwas, das unter normalen Umständen jedem menschlichen Wesen fern liegt.

Doch es gibt auch Ausnahmen: Menschen, die sich nicht in Konformitätszwänge und negative Gruppendynamiken hineinpressen lassen. Aber warum funktionieren derartige Programmierungen nicht bei jedem? Was macht diese Menschen aus, die solche Torturen und Traumata überlebt haben? Und was können wir tun, um nicht Opfer von Gedankenkontrolle und Programmierungen unseres Bewusstseins zu werden?



Paul Craig Roberts: What Was Once Integrity Is Now Corruption

Paul Roberts was Deputy Treasury Secretary in the Reagan administration, where he co-founded the administration’s economic policy program.
As a publicist, he was an associate editor and columnist of the Wall Street Journal, among other publications.
In his book The Failure of Laissez-Faire Capitalism and the Economic Erosion of the West (2012), he analyzed and criticized the neoliberal economic policies that he believed led to the 2008 financial crisis.
He also criticized the War on Terror, which had primarily curtailed civil liberties under the Constitution, as well as the War on Drugs and Israel’s policies in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In this episode of ICIC, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and co-host Attorney Dagmar Schön talk to Paul Craig Roberts, an economist and publicist, economic advisor to former U.S. President Ronald Reagan and then U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy, about the current disastrous situation of global financial and economic policy with its devastating, destructive effects worldwide. He explains how and why this state of affairs could come about and who benefits from it and is responsible for what he sees as the deliberate planning and promotion of the demise of entire economies.

Roberts recounts his experiences, and which presidents of the U.S. sought policies for the people, rather than destructive and self-interested ones, and why they had no chance of tangible success with them, except for Reagan, who ended stagflation in America and the Cold War. He explains how monetary systems work and details the historical background culminating in an insatiable greed for profit by the U.S. to strengthen its supremacy, as well as the power of the petrodollar as the most powerful means of payment for global trade.

Looking at current world events, he explains why the U.S. failed to perceive the emergence of the powerful economic and trade community of the BRICS countries, which are now in the process of destroying the supremacy of the petrodollar. In his opinion, the arrogance of the United States has put the country into a hopeless situation from which it can no longer get out of very easily using its fiat money system, and simply printing money out of thin air.

At the same time, however, this means that the USA and its European puppet states must resort to ever more vicious crimes against humanity in order to secure their existence. Paul Craig Roberts is convinced that any means will do, since they do not even shrink from assassinations of popularly elected presidents at home and abroad, from electoral fraud, from terrorist attacks such as the 9/11, assassinations, creating a pandemic, or provoking Russia. Roberts warns that people must comprehend these things and realise that they are literally fighting for their lives right now.


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