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The Most Mysterious Glitch Videos You Will Ever See – THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE

From mysterious videos of super humans caught on camera, strange phenomena in the sky, creepy paranormal videos and unexplained glitches in the matrix I will analyze the creepiest and the most mysterious glitch videos you will ever see. This is an insane compilation of our best glitch videos. Welcome to the Impossible channel where James LaFleur analyses the creepiest and the most mind blowing videos for your entertainment.

Narrated by James LaFleur




In this Sacred Wisdom Podcast we discuss the knowledge from Tartaria and look at people who have used this wisdom from the Old World..



The Psychology of The Wise Old Man (Sage) – Eternalised

The Wise Old Man or Sage is an archetype that is recognised by almost everyone, be it in stories, games, movies, or everyday life. In myth he is often shown as one living in isolation, meditating and living a simple life deep in a forest, in the mountains, or in other uninhabited places. The Wise Old Man is a lover of wisdom, and uses his experience to guide others. He is portrayed as a mysterious person or a wizard, in contact with nature and the numinous and unseen forces that permeate our existence.

The Wise Old man appears as a teacher of wisdom such as King Solomon from the Bible. In Hermeticism, he is Hermes Trismegistus, the fount of all wisdom and the teacher of the mystery of all ages. In China, the sage is Lao Tzu („old man“ or „old master“), the founder of Taoism, while in India there are the sadhus and yogis. In Arthurian Legend he is Merlin, in Nietzsche he appears as the prophet Zarathustra, and in Carl Jung as Philemon. In modern popular fiction we have Yoda, Gandalf and Dumbledore, among others.

In the individuation process (the lifelong journey towards psychic wholeness), the archetype of the Wise Old Man is late to emerge, and is therefore seen as an indication of the Self (the total personality).



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