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Realsatire mit Satanistinnen


He is Guilty Until Proven Innocent! – AwakenWithJP

Russell Brand is GUILTY until proven innocent!!!

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CrossTalk: David Icke EXPOSES Shapeshifters Among Us, Zelensky Makes Pact With Witches

Today on CrossTalk News, Edward Szall and Lauren Witzke are joined by world renowned author David Icke, to discuss the public unveiling of the satanic world order he warned about decades ago. The shapeshifting elite are everywhere, including Jeffrey Epstein!



Marina Abramović Ukraine’s Official Spirit Cooker: Zelenskyy Picks Devil Worshiper As New Ambassador

The tide is turning and the American people are giving up on Zelenskyy and the Ukraine war.
RAMZ PAUL, host of the RamzPaul show, joins Stew to talk about the bloody insanity of the war in Ukraine.
Ukraine continues to openly promote evil and degeneracy.
In June, Zelenskyy’s government canceled all elections during the war.
Ukrainians are stuck with martial law and a dictator.
Last week, Zelnskyy asked satanic witch Marina Abramović to serve as an ambassador to his country.
Marina was the woman who was mentioned throughout the Podesta email scandal.
Marina Abramović likes to spirit cook and paint walls in real blood all while claiming it’s „art“.
Zelenskyy wants a devil worshiper to serve as his ambassador.
There is a spirit of evil in the world.
The enemy used to hide this evil but now they openly flaunt their satanic proclivities.
Americans are being asked to support an evil dictator with U.S. tax dollars.
All the while, thousands of Ukrainians are being slaughtered by the Russian military.
Kevin McCarthy is going back on his word and is planning to send more money to Zelenskyy.
The CIA backed coup from 2014 inside of Ukraine is continuing and being enabled by warmongering neocons.
Marina Abramović is not simply an entertainer or performance artist.
She is a satanist and much of her art has to do with children.
Unironically, Zelenskyy is putting her in charge of children’s schools.
The western media narrative is finally starting to reflect the reality on the ground in Ukraine.
Ukraine is losing this war and their country will be carved up and given to Russia, Poland, and Hungary.



Ukraine Just Promoted a Blood Painting Witch to Manage Children: Stew Peters Tells OAN

Stew joined OAN on Monday to discuss the satanic decision by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to appoint ‚Spirit Cooking‘ performance artist Marina Abramovic to manage children in their war torn country.



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