Imagika Om – Cosmic Sutra [Full Album]

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Imagika Om – Cosmic Sutra, released February 10, 2014, Merkaba Music. Cosmic Sutras is the product of Imagika Om, a sonic alchemist and electronic artist based in Los Angeles. Released by Merkaba Music, this album is full of earthy beats and cosmic downtempo designed to spark ancient remembrances.



00:00 1. Interplanetary Caravan 07:01 2. Kamakhya {featuring Rama} 12:14 3. Sulam {featuring Holy Taya} 20:48 4. Apsara 26:42 5. Breath your Dreams to Life 32:54 6. Anyalo 40:25 7. Jai Ma {with The Sheltering Sky} 45:04 8. Earth Om 51:52 9. Shamana


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