Jong – Venus [Full Album]

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Jong – Venus, released September 1 2023, Liquid Sound Design. This mini album is an eclectic selection of cinematic ambient, ambient techno, and melodic trance. It brings together tracks that evolve in linked and coherent harmonies and melodies. My work is always focused on translating gentle emotions connected to universal love and its unconditional dimension. Aptly named „Venus“ to portray the sense of a particularly developed sensitivity and feminine presence in the composition.

“The track „Amor Fati“ (cinematic ambient mix) is a meditation. A hymn to life and death, to the unconditional love we hold for our loved ones, and to the acceptance of the passing of time. I wish to dedicate it to my father who passed away this summer.“



Tracklist: 00:00:00 Amor Fati (Cinematic Ambient Mix 2023) 00:07:09 Dawn 00:17:31 Atlantis 00:23:33 Eivissa (Venus Remix 2023) 00:32:02 Eternal 00:41:02 Hathor’s Kiss


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