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CrossTalk: NASA Coverup EXPOSED! Female Astronaut DESTROYS Space Station, Christian Right Takes On The AD

Today on CrossTalk News, Edward Szall and Lauren Witzke detail the NASA Coverup that nobody is talking about for the sake of diversity and inclusion. The International Space Station is destroyed and irreparable, and Russia has launched an investigation. Lauren and Ed are also discussing the X Elon Musk ADL Lawsuit and The Battle of The Christian Right.
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445,000 Years Ago They Came To Earth – Ancient Civilizations Tried To Tell Us

Dive into a celestial realm of captivating artworks:

The Anunnaki, according to ancient Mesopotamian texts, were a group of deities who supposedly descended to Earth from the heavens. These beings are often associated with advanced knowledge, technology, and creation myths. Some proponents of alternative history theories suggest that the Anunnaki might have played a role in shaping human civilization or even genetic engineering.

Narration: Petra Ortiz –

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