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Dive deep into the expansive worlds these animations create in the DUST anthology, „Animation“.

„Animation“ Features:
„Tales from the Multiverse“ by Magnus Igland Møller
God is a single parent and amateur programmer. He’s working on project ‚Earth‘ but never seems to get a break from the kids. One day though, he finally gets a breakthrough.

„While You Were Sleeping“ by Charlie Stewart
Two AI assistants chat in an abandoned space base.

„Two Worlds“ by Andy Lefton
Two Worlds is a story about two opposites coming together out of necessity and finding hope at the end of the world.

Watch „Contact“ by Katy Wang
Stranded on a distant planet, a lonely astronaut sends out a signal in search of human contact.

„Best Friend“ by Nicholas Olivieri, Shen Yi, Juliana De Lucca, Varun Nair, David Feliu
In a near future, a lonely man is addicted to a product called Best Friend which offers him perfect virtual friends.



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