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Black hole hunters, scavengers, and space pioneers discover the dangers that await deep within the orbs beyond the stars in our DUST anthology, „Planetary Exploration“.



„Planetary Exploration“ Features:

„BackSpace“ by Nick Trivundza & Lexie Trivundza
Hunting for blackholes is a dangerous business. Adventurers, Explorers and anyone trying to find their fortune, will kill, and face danger in BackSpace to find one.

„ALONE“ by William Hellmuth
Kaya Torres is circling a black hole in a pod, with no one coming, no one to help. She’s Alone.

„Kālewa“ by Mitchel Viernes
In the future, a Hawaiian astronaut makes the next great leap for his planet, his family, and himself. Tonight is his last chance.

„EDEN“ by Kristian Bakstad
A scavenger discovers a valuable artifact deep wit

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