eelison – Karma [Full Album]

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eelison – Karma, released June 29, 2023, Merkaba Music. This album was recorded during travels around the world. In each country, the author gained new knowledge and experiences, but most importantly, each trip provided an opportunity to look at oneself and one’s life from a new perspective.

Traveling became a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth. Every encounter with a new culture helped overcome karmic obstacles, offering unique lessons and unforgettable impressions, which transformed into a sound that could become a mentor, helping overcome life’s challenges and inspiring in difficult moments.

00:00:00 Shakti
00:06:01 Nakshatra
00:12:13 Nirnaya
00:17:49 Rahu
00:23:20 Saturn
00:28:54 Quo Vadis
00:34:58 Anarthanasa


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