Werner Niedermeier – Twenty20Three [Full EP]

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Werner Niedermeier – Twenty20Three, released on July 10th, 2022 by Sofa Beats – SOFABEATS102
Twenty20Three – This eagerly anticipated release by Werner Niedermeier represents a thrilling exploration into diverse realms of electronic music.

With a newfound appreciation for an eclectic range of musical genres, Werner’s passion for experimentation and growth shines through the release. Drawing inspiration from his extensive exposure to various musical styles, as well as closely observing the artistic progress of his collaborators, the EP showcases a captivating fusion of electronic sounds.

With ‚Twenty20Three‘ Niedermeier demonstrates his versatility as a producer, pushing the boundaries of electronic music and embracing the creative freedom to explore new sonic territories. This EP is a testament to his commitment to evolving as an artist, expanding his horizons, and sharing his passion for music with a global audience.

Track list:
00:00 – 1 Werner Niedermeier – Cellino
07:20 – 2 Werner Niedermeier – Funkstille
13:28 – 3 Werner Niedermeier – Harper
17:56 – 4 Werner Niedermeier – Remember This
23:47 – 5 Werner Niedermeier – Lapping over Days


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