Unusual Cosmic Process – Spacetime. Revisited [Full Album]

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Unusual Cosmic Process – Spacetime.Revisited, released on July 7, 2023, Astropilot Music, AMLP61, Originally released in 2017, the album „Spacetime“ by Unusual Cosmic Process has now been reintroduced with a fresh mixing and mastering.

The „Spacetime“ LP transcends the boundaries of space and time, enveloping the listener in a mysterious haze of peacefulness and tranquility. Runar Kristinsson, the composer behind these tracks, drew inspiration from the works of Albert Einstein, aiming to musically interpret his groundbreaking discoveries: the hidden logic of Nature’s phenomena, universal equilibrium, and harmonious existence. With its deep and thought-provoking melodies, this album is sure to satisfy even the most seasoned fan of the Space Ambient genre.

Unwind and allow the gentle currents of global acceptance to wash over you, as you embrace the astonishing yet natural wonders of the Universe. From the tranquil descent of dew drops to the precipitous fall of stars from the skies, let yourself be carried away by the ethereal journey offered by „Spacetime.“

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.0:00:00 01 Unusual Cosmic Process – Transparent Dreams
0:08:17 02 Unusual Cosmic Process – Elysium
0:15:08 03 Unusual Cosmic Process – Souvenirs éphémère
0:23:24 04 Unusual Cosmic Process – Unusual Element
0:30:05 05 Unusual Cosmic Process – Einstein FM
0:37:46 06 Unusual Cosmic Process – Polaris
0:46:23 07 Unusual Cosmic Process – Walking through the Unknown
0:55:36 08 Unusual Cosmic Process – Paix et Harmony
1:02:09 09 Unusual Cosmic Process – Ultraboundary Flight
1:12:38 10 Unusual Cosmic Process – Undefind Structure

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