…L.E.D.s weapons? – ceylon (Engl.)

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…L.E.D.s weapons?


L.E.D.s weapons
10.15 fake beef
11.42 fast food poison
14.40 psoriasis cure
15.16 poland says it how it is
16.48 How to get way with a speeding fine in Victoria (maybe other states) and remove that demerit point.
21.26 hancock lying through his teeth
22.34 go in to nature
24.04 f e no ice
25.43 f e mouse
26.40 eu irish woman
27.43 england taxxed to death
30.43 france war
31.08 dutch police getting violent
32.26 decesetising
33.58 deport not allowed
35.13 demonic messages on stage
36.45 demon of masturbation
38.11 curses on food
39.18 cures apples and cinnamon
40.25 cured with hydrogen peroxide
41.52 corrupt government
43.12 trump mason
43.27 did simpsons predict the next false flag
45.02 council need to go
46.47 cops not fit for purpose
47.46 convoy
47.55 complicite
49.34 co2 is it harmful
51.07 chlorine dioxide
52.38 climate scam
53.47 climate change exposed


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