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Zenlike Creature – GATHERING DUST, released March 3, 2023, Visionary Shamanics Records.
Visionary Shamanics is happy to present the debut Goaesque Downtempo LP from UK artist – ZENLIKE CREATURE. Deep in the mystical forest resides the Zenlike Creature deep in a mediative state. Time passes, ideas and solutions form within his mind. The melodies, rhythms and harmonies that were once gathering dust, now begin crystallising into recognisable forms.
Taking directions he had not considered before. The sounds arise, beginning to form new musical journeys that once thought would never be travelled.

► Get it: https://visionaryshamanics.bandcamp.c…


Tracklist: 00:00:00 | BEATFARMER – Courage (ZENLIKE CREATURE Entheogenic Brew Remix) 00:06:35 | ZENLIKE CREATURE – Ever Shifting Ground 00:14:26 | ZENLIKE CREATURE – Gathering Dust 00:23:15 | ZENLIKE CREATURE – More Human Than Human 00:30:42 | ZENLIKE CREATURE – Travelling Consciousness 00:37:35 | HYPNOTIZER – Solstice (ZENLIKE CREATURE Tribal Excursion Remix) 00:45:41 | ZENLIKE CREATURE – Transformation 00:53:35 | PSYBUR – Sirens (ZENLIKE CREATURE Pools Of Tranquility Remix)

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