EMOG – Harmony Within

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EMOG – Harmony Within, released June 21, 2023, Mystic Sound Records. Enjoy the enchanting female vocals transporting you to the gentle soundscapes. There, romantic guitars are tickling the strings of your mindset. Playful dub is progressing into the groovy kickyness for refreshment and sonic diversity, which adds an extra level of joyful digitalism to the whole experience. The experience of Harmony Within.

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00:00 1. Ethereal Dreams 08:16 2. Wine And Honey 13:09 3. Sailing In The Sky (Beatfarmer Remix) 19:41 4. Peaceful Pathways 25:45 5. Ursula 32:42 6. Enjourney (Remastered) 38:42 7. Transcending Time

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