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Alien Encounters: Roswell | Alien Spacecraft Crash | Full UFO Documentary | Shocking Testimony (Englisch)

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Hear the shocking testimony from the people who experienced the infamous Roswell UFO crash and delve into the evidence and footage that survived. Take a unique journey into the past to examine one of the greatest mysteries in recent history, the Roswell UFO crash. Hear the shocking testimonies of those who experienced the event first hand and delve deep into the evidence and footage that survived. Leading British Ufologist, Neil Nixon, accompanies this fascinating recounting of events and shares his own conclusions from decades of research and investigation. This is Roswell like you’ve never seen it before, under the microscope and framed by the context of its time.

2018. Stars: Stanton Friedman, Walter Haut, Ralph Heick
Licensed from Legacy Distribution. All rights reserved

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