Unknown Reality – Microcosm

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Unknown Reality – Microcosm, released on June 12, 2023 by Sofa Beats – SOFABEATS99

Unknown Reality delivers two ethereal ambient tracks that invite listeners to immerse themselves in a sonic exploration of otherworldly dimensions. „Microcosm“ originated as a live jam on a lazy Sunday morning, and evolved into a mesmerizing soundscape that the artist refers to as his „microcosm“ – a self-contained universe of sonic textures and atmospheres. „Sinesphere“ emerged from playful experiments with sinewaves on a modular synthesizer, which gradually coalesced into a spherical sonic entity. Both tracks showcase Unknown Reality’s talent for weaving intricate sonic tapestries that transport listeners to uncharted realms. Both tracks capture the essence of creative spontaneity and sonic discovery. „Microcosm“ and „Sinesphere“ are a testament to the power of sonic experimentation and the infinite possibilities of ambient music.

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