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Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom





Prep Act, Marburg Virus, Biowarfare & Biological Weapons — Sasha Latypova joins Dr. Jane to discuss biological weapons infiltrating medicine. Public health emergencies through covid and Marburg are declared to instill fear and achieve public compliance. The prep act gave unprecedented power to public health officials and government to impose unconstitutional and dangerous measures and mandates. The healthcare system is being used to declare war on the masses. Latypova hypothesizes that the covid clots may be composed of hydrogel. — — Mirror mirror: — Subscribe to Dr. Jane’s Rumble channel: —





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DYSTOPIAN FUTURES: Soylent Green – Dave Cullen


Men Can Get Pregnant! Here’s Proof – JP Reacts

Glamour UK’s new magazine cover features a pregnant man!!!



„Covidism: Contagious Deception“ is the most comprehensive documentary on Covid-19, thoroughly analyzing both the scientific and political aspects of the crisis. The movie is separated into 4 parts.

Part 1 – „Gaming the Numbers“ – carefully examines how authorities worldwide have been gaming the numbers regarding cases, hospitalizations and deaths from the alleged coronavirus. Part 1 also explains how health officials actively suppressed safe and effective treatments for Covid-19, while employing deadly protocols for hospital patients.

Part 2 – „Lockdown Timeline“ – focuses on the fascinating timeline of events, which led to the global Covid-19 response, and investigates whether or not the science on the lethality and infectivity of Sars-Cov-2 justified countermeasures such as lockdowns and mask-wearing.

Part 3 – „Vaccine Frenzy“ – is a deep dive into the topic of Covid-19 „vaccines,“ detailing the plethora of scientific evidence for their unsafe and ineffective nature, while exposing the deceptive tactics of manipulating the statistics.

Part 4 – „The Great Reset Agenda“ – puts all the pieces of the puzzle together, exposing the premeditated sinister political motivations behind the global Covid-19 response, and how it is intricately tied to a much larger agenda – The Great Reset.


James Red Pills America


Lost Ancient Ruins Uncovered in North America? (Should NOT Exist) – Sage Wall Montana Megaliths – Bright inside

Look and think for yourself…Is this bizarre wall found in the middle of nowhere in Montana natural, OR, lost ancient ruins (that are not supposed to exist)? The Sage Wall (also referred to as ‚Montana Megaliths‘) is raising serious questions about what may be possible for lost ancient civilizations of North America.

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Andrew Hall: Granite Cauldron and the Boiling Boulders | Thunderbolts

Between the Borrego Desert and the Cleveland National Forest in eastern San Diego county, California, dwell the In-Ko-Pah Mountains. It’s a barren, broken land, forsaken to brooding hoodoos, rodents, snakes and decomposing rock. Here granite boulders appear as bubbles of boiled sand. Not hollow, but solid drops of granite, formed as boils at the surface of a hot fluid matrix.

‘Cauldron of Granite’ is an apt description. The energy came from below, and by electrolysis and thermal convection, boiled through layers of sand to the surface, liquifying the sand in the process, like one would melt metals in a cauldron.

Many boulders look like the kind of candy made with drops of molten sugar. A viscous, thick material that quickly cools to form a skin that holds its drop shape, while the inside remains hot and liquid. The shapes are like frozen beads of molten glass—they look like drops and bubbles because they are.

Author and engineer Andrew Hall examines the reason boulders boiled from the Earth east of San Diego. In the follow-up to this 2-part series, Andy will scrutinize the mountains themselves and how they were formed.


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