Captain Future – Recline

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Captain Future – Recline, released March 28, 2023. Hey friends, I’d like to invite you for something completely different. Between my Gospel Rock’n’Roll Blues Dub escapes there’s another type of music I do: Ambient music. Captain Future in Zen presents „RECLINE“. Meditative music for the weary Rock’n’Roll soul. What I find interesting about this music is that when it’s played it seems to make outside noises sound in themselves musical. A distant jackhammer, amorous foxes in the garden, police sirens, neighbours arguing, thunder and lightning, somehow all turn into musical elements and make sense. Even the kettle boiling sounds musical. It’s also really useful to put on in the background when doing slightly boring things such as accounting or a tax return. My 12 year old son has recently developed an interest in cooking. So when we cook (he’s the master chef, I’m the assistant of course) it creates a lovely atmosphere. Some of the pieces stem from a previous project of mine called ‚The Starseeds‘. You can find our two albums on all digital outlets. With over a million streams and a good chunk of sales, syncs on „Six Feet Under“ and many TV and film this has been a good project creatively and I’m still proud of it today.


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