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Holeg Spies –, released May 5, 2023, Liquid Sound Design. NOTINISM.ORG is the first EP to announce Holeg Spies new album ‘Brave New World’ that will feature unique collaboration with YOUTH, RIP VAN HIPPY, THIERRY GOTTI, KUBA & GAUDI. A new album from Holeg implies a new music exploration beyond styles. What else can you expect from undercover Spies? This EP features two of the electronic music scenes top female electro-acoustic producers, RENA JONES & VIOLETA VICCI. Both superb producers in their own right, delivering stunning ambient cross-genre remixes. NOTINISM.ORG is originally an experimental movie made by SPIES in the late 90’s. Presented at the French MOMA as well as in Tokyo, New York and Geneva, the film alerts on the stakes of high technologies for the future of our civilisation, and relates to a mysterious crypted website The main character of the film, PIX, is a woman. Who else than two talented ladies to remix a bite of the original film score. The album will be released on vinyl next Fall offering an exclusive 10Gb digital content download including a massive insights from artists like THE FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON, COLDCUT, AJJA, SAAFI BROTHERS, TRIPLE DISTILLED (aka ALEX BOSHKE) among many others, as well as some Holeg’s film scores, videos, rare tracks and DJ performances. This album is a special celebration of HOLEG SPIES’ 30th music career anniversary !


► Get it: https://liquidsounddesignuk.bandcamp….

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