Mindspring Music Selection Series Vol 15: Mixed by Sheraw

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SHERAW spins fusions of cultures from Cairo Belly Beats to African tribe percussions, spanning around the far east and dwelling into the American desert basically a music with no borders kind of a ride, from downtempo to bass to dub to glitch hop, IDM and more.

SHERAW’s sound dwells cities and festivals from performing at Chill O’posite and Desert Dance to playing across Cairo and the Middle East.


0:00:00 Subdream – A Silver Lining 0:00:00 Bansara – Homecoming 0:00:00 Lumino, Natural Life Essence – Searching For My Self (Natural Life Essence’s Intra-world Remix) 0:02:55 Babilu – Empty Space 0:07:39 Taica – Greetings From Chaos 0:14:10 DEVICEFUL – Slowly Is The Daze 0:21:30] DEVICEFUL – Thief For Hire 0:28:09 Botanikal – Warming Up the Brain Farm 0:33:33 Shwamp – Oscalated 0:38:22 Looney Grandpas – Looposuction 0:44:44 Alterra Project – Portal 0:51:41 Kri Samadhi & EarthCry – Motion Potion (Gleekch Remix) 0:56:56 Gleekch – Shamanic Ataraxie feat. Klinoman 01:00:31 Noraus – Theorem

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