Space Mix Series 079] Fluffy Dimension – A Trip To Your Inner Self

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Fluffy Dimension is the Chillout Project from Doktor Fluffy. Music took always a very important role in his life. First he learned to play Drums and also how to play guitar.

In 2001 he experienced his first psytrance event and was directly hooked from that energy of that music and the freedom at this event. In the following years he was a regular guest at many party`s all over Europe. He got close with a group of people in Switzerland and they also started to create own small events.

At one of this party’s, in 2008, he also made his first steps as a Dj and again was directly hooked.
After that he started direct to create a own music collection with focus not only on style or bpm, instead on the energy and feelings that this music evokes in himself.

In his Chillout project he likes to mix all kinds of chilled music to create a special vibe and Atmosphere that is surprising and uplifting but still relaxed and smooth. He thinks music should move body & soul to get the best transcendental experience.

0:00:00 – Stratusphere – First Step
0:05:40 – Sasha Malkovich – Longlife
0:10:30 – Fala – Cultrual Dub
0:17:00 – Obzerv – Winter Night
0:21:20 – Jedidiah – Constellations
0:26:45 – Perfect Blind – March Of The Dragonflies
0:33:20 – Sasha Malkovich – Gravity (In Memory Of Noraus)
0:39:45 – Stratusphere – Beyond The Darkness
0:45:50 – Sasha Malkovich – Multidimensional Movements In Subspace
0:52:30 – Amritone – Gaping Hollow
0:57:30 – Kanc Cover – Sirius A
1:05:55 – Sasha Malkovich – Introvert’s Seduction
1:12:51- Taruna – Magic Earth Garden

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