Alterra Project – Exodus [Full EP]

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Alterra Project – Exodus, released September 30, 2022 by Mindspring Music – MSM122. Mindspring Music present: Alterra Project – Exodus, the latest showcase of psychedelic mid-tempo tunes from Alterra Project. This stunningly pristine 4-track journey is the collaborative effort of three talented producers from England who have their hands in multiple artistic ventures outside of Alterra Project: Dane Andruszko (Okari), Charlie Bartlett (False Identity, Xylem), and Rory Gordziejko (Kwah, Tea Tree). No stranger to the Mindspring imprint, Alterra Project’s Exodus EP marks the third release from the trio, following 2017’s Turing Test and their sophomore release Holomorphic in 2020.

A unique and provocative journey, Exodus is an auditory portal into an inverted, topsy turvy reality where nothing is quite what it seems, surprises abound, and anything but the expected is to be expected. The funky squelchy basslines and groovy driving beats provide solid ground to stand on while you can safely let your curiosity awaken as your mind gets
lost in a tangled web of intriguing otherworldly psyphonic soundscapes. As you settle in, you will be rewarded with a barrage of tantalising melodies as you let your imagination frolic in vast fields of delectable psychedelic ear candy.

The guys have woven together a unique, mind-twisting release that is sure to get your toes tapping and head nodding. Enjoy the journey and we will see you on the other side.

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